Monday, May 02, 2005

why you have a blog?

i remember looking at blogs as a waste of time and also that i'm not much of a writer. little did i know that i would be one who uses this in later years.

lately i saw some blogs and um... yeah, it is quite badly used. the things that are typed are not really (in nice words) recommended for reading. i just wonder, why...

how and what we type reflects a lot on who we are. just like the style of an author's writing in his books reflects on the character of the author. or the composition of a composer or the painting of an artist.
what's the purpose of having this... this... this blog?

is it because it was a craze that we are sucked into? a place to vent and our freedom of speech? or to impress others with our writing skill? a place to get attention for people to notice us? to collect fans and avid readers of our site?

excuse me, if it seems as if i'm judging (i'm not). i'm just putting a question forward. cause honestly, i did had tendencies towards many of the above mentioned.
but i had a purpose of this blog (i don't like the word blog). i see this as an avenue to share to others, known and unknown. a time to stop and reflect. its easier on the catch up as well for friends everywhere.
take note again : i'm not condemning people that do not have a serious thought on their reason for having a blog.

just a thought and question to put through...

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