Thursday, April 20, 2006

hui yin....

the days have been productive. doing work and recapping.

hui yin's farewell was today. and it really is a wonderful privilege to get to know her. she's a friend and an elder sister that guided me along the way whenever possible and also teaching and being an example to the younger sisters. OCF...
may God continue to guide her and bless her in her ministry...

been reading this book, 'the man in the mirror'. got the book from lynette and chong yau. its a really good book and i didn't know that there is a men's ministry for that book. in the middle of it. will type stuff about it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

easter camp 2006...

easter camp in tatachilla. for the first time, train was one of the transportation used.

the camp site was wonderful. a really nice place. it was cold and i was in shorts most of the time. quite a few thought i was pretty strong or more of the 'macho'ness. it was not really that. some people figured out why. i didn't bring enough long pants. hahaha.... i only brought one pair of slacks and the rest was short pants. and i was saving the slacks for the sunday night worship and monday morning worship cause i am playing bass guitar for those 2 slots. so must dress properly for worship.

as always, the worship always amazes me. serving in the worship ministry taught me many things. one of it was as long as everything(talent and all) is offered to God, God will use it and work through it. prayer should also be part of the preparation.

the programmes were well planned too. lots of new people were invited. everyone mixed around and hopefully no one was left out. fellowship there was meaningful. spent wonderful times with brothers and sisters. you know it's genuine and true. you know it's from their hearts. you know there is trust and love. its times like these that makes the tough times worth it. its probably a taste of heaven (wow!).

God was in the camp. everywhere. among us. in us. the camp theme is, 'Why Love?'

one thing though... i do miss the fresh air there. just walking about and feeling the freshness of the place.

Monday, April 17, 2006


2 weeks again of not posting... cialat...

the 40% test went well. really really well. i was so surprised. God really gave me discernment. i sat there and just slowly think and write. hopefully i do well.

staight after the test ended at 11 a.m. and a few breaths of recovery, i went straight back home. my head still swirming around with knowledge about the test.
as the countdown to easter camp came, excitement grew but i had to suppress it so that i can concentrate and study. now that it ended, i have to re-wire my brain and repeat many times to myself that easter camp is today! more of those self-psych stuff.

easter camp was wonderfully great. i'll type about it another time.

but after camp, the next day was uni, uni and uni. group assignment due on monday the 17th, which is today. kind of crazy to hand up assignment on the easter public holiday. but it was uni after the good friday service and easter sunday service.

we've handed it up. huge relief. now we can enjoy a bit of the 6 days of holidays, though its more of a study and revise as well.

Monday, April 03, 2006



busy busy.... as much as i'd not want it, i think it's good and better for me. ensuring that i am doing work and not remaining idle.

explaining even more why there are less writings and also less time of deeper ponderings.

having a 40% test on friday morning and then it is off to easter camp later in the evening. i'll just pack my bags in between the time slots.

half my grade for International Finance is determined on friday. what a 'cool' thought!

amidst the busy-ness, i know it is God strengthening me and bringing me a step through each day.

memories? ee leon left today. drove to melbourne. 7 started off in lincoln in OCF. one by one gone. now, one left in OCF. me.

really sad to see ee leon go. he was my discipler. he will still be. we know it never ends.
had a gathering in Min's place. was really amusing how all the oldies planned it. ee leon had other plans on sunday and we were wondering how to convince him to come and yet have it as a surprise. haha... the amount of amusing ideas... we had a meaningful farewell...