Tuesday, August 26, 2008

why did i look at photos...

i guess i did leave this place isolated for a while.
probably just lost reasons for writing. (plus some procrastination which makes it worse)

the 2 months i had, (seeing that i last posted twice in june, and once in july, and now, nearing the end of august), i look back and see that well, it was an interesting non-stop journey. i can't remember much but yes, thanks to the schedule i remember (and also couldn't believe what i did).

i'm alright (i guess), riding through the graphs. there were hectic days and relaxing days. making sure i have enough sleep and water certainly kept me alive.

there are many directions. but which? when is it an issue of 'God closing doors', and when is it an issue of 'working hard to push through the obstacles to reach your goal'?

had a little change at work. well, it certainly helped after understanding it.

trying to memorize scripture but its hard.

having missed opportunities here and there because i have only a few days leave left. i do wonder(and wanting to question) why i end up in such circumstances. but lesser thoughts on the subject = some peace of mind.

i am grateful for the people that God has put around me.

and as of today, why did i look at photos in facebook? haih... it seems nice back there in adelaide. but i can't afford to go there. no money because... because lah. plus no leave. its nice back there. perhaps shaking up old memories could be good or bad.

there is something that's bugging me but next time. hmm.. seems to be more than one bug.

its probably good, getting to hold up and stand firm. but hey, its quite a lonely journey.