Tuesday, August 21, 2007


august 13th just passed. it is already one year since i left. i do remember that date very well. i remember they who have left adelaide and also those who are still there.

but have been busy. this weekend is my church musical. Joseph the Dreamer. the 110th anniversary church musical. 25th and 26th august. i'll be acting as Judah. get to throw Joseph into the cistern. haha. but its a busy and tiring week.

little time to sit down and think. so not so good on that side. having a rushing life. so in terms of priority, blogging also goes quite at the bottom. it'll be a while before i start posting properly again.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


oh well, did it again. i try to tell myself, that i should at least make it a point to post twice a week.

but what happenned since july 29? its been work. and musical practises at church. i have read harry potter 7. got it as a present for my sister (note: i'm not that good all the time). but since it was the Last book, got some extra value lah. so i make the book the ultimate present for the 4 birthday and 4 Christmas presents in 4 years that i was in uni. 8 in 1.

so not really having enough rest. body felt weak. i took emergency leave last weds and stayed at home. pretty much slept the whole day. i knew if i still went to work on weds, i would fall sick on thurs.

thought that there would be rest in the weekend, but no... weekend was normal, which means, no rest.

i was the organist for 2 sundays in the evening service. on one of the sundays, everything went wrong during on of the hymns. i was suppose to play it once through before we start singing. but the pastor came in straight away and so yeah.... a big messy disaster. not to forget the handbell choir that is playing together as well. hahaha...

its kind of a weird 2 weeks. feeling weak and on the verge of falling sick (and it is hard to wake up), i stumbled upon a song 'Crucified with Christ' by Philip, Craig and Dean. and it really lifted my spirits. it is about Galations 2:20 which i hold close to my heart. and Luke 9:23 and i just told myself, this is one of those moments to tahan and go 'step-by-step'.

and i finally get some clue to what God is doing. i know its just crumbs that i see. but at least i hear some 'noise' and see some 'dust'.

i'm on training for 7-9 August. so can come back early and rest. it's at damansara. i couldn't find 2 u-turns yesterday and got lost but amazingly found my way back to pusat damansara and with the map book, to the IBBM building. thank goodness i left early. i left early today also but this time found the u-turn.