Saturday, July 23, 2005

prayer for E-nite

yes. have been busy. running errands. OCF. seriously tired. and what a way to start uni. i know i will most probably be typing the common, 'uni is starting next week and bla bla bla....' and you all know the rest.

anyway, an evangelistic night is coming up for OCF. it is a night where we have an activity (usually a barn dance or ballroom dancing session) and then the sharing of the Gospel. this year, it is going to be a musical. the last time we did such a thing was in 2000.

i don't know about other people, but i sincerely hope that just because there is a musical for E-nite, it does not become a big and glamourous 'event' and the 'most happening' thing to be in.
if next year's E-nite was ballroom dancing, will the OCFers still be as enthusiastic about E-nite? being involved and actively bringing their friends?

street-evangelism (uni) is coming up. will the same enthusiasm be there?
how can we say, "no, it is different. i am scared to do it" when it is the same? evangelism.

amidst the preparation and work needed to be done, it is PRAYER that is needed the most. PRAYER. PRAYER. PRAYER. PRAYER.
that God's will be done through E-nite.
that God will move during E-nite.
that God will touch lives during E-nite.
that God's hand is on E-nite.
that God will be pleased with our hearts about E-nite.

big events require bigger prayers.
big 'moving' requires bigger prayers.

i know i'm not one to judge. i am also guilty. for those who know me well, they know i'd rather sit down and just enjoy myself. lazy to mix around. if i had a choice, i'd pick what i said earlier.
but i have to learn, to love others. i force myself at times.
i remember in my early days, how joanne teach me to pray, asking "Lord, teach me how to love others more." and really understand what it means.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Take Me On...

ee ling handed me a cd of jim brickman's songs. and there were a few odd-one's-out inside. i clicked on one of the odd ones and ironically, i didn't listen to the jim brickmans. instead, i'm hooked onto this song. i was just playing it and oh... an interesting tune.

then as i listened to the lyrics, it caught my heart (ok... a little drama) but it spoke to my heart. that is exactly where i am and what i am now. honestly, the last bit of the song, preferably i wouldn't want the breaking down. but God's ways, are indeed higher than our own.

its a wonderful song.
written by a local brother in malaysia.

Take Me On
written by Patrick Leong
sung by Patrick Leong and Juwita Suwito

My life is in Your hands
It's a story, that's written in Your plan
And will i make it in the end
Your promise to me
By faith alone i can

The road ahead seems like an endless quest
Each step i take i know He'll lend a hand
Oh Lord i need You till the very end
So Lord reach out Your hand

And take me on to a place
In Your loving embrace of Love
Your wonderful Love

Oh Lord just reach down inside
Till i break down and cry
For Your Love
Just more of Your wonderful Love

Monday, July 18, 2005

so it comes...

just as last year a dear brother goes, now another will go too. and soon another.
but that's how it is. the reality of life and what OCF is. that is the circle that every OCFer will go through. 'Reach Out, Build Up and Send Home'.
we see a race being finished here for Richard. but another will begin in singapore.

it has been an honour to be serving with you for the same 2 years. the ups and downs, the joys and sorrrows, how OCF has come to what it is now.

different callings will bring each of us to different paths.
we may never see each other again. only time and situations will tell.

however spreaded we may be, remember to cling on to the hope we profess, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

don't say goodbye, it's not the end.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


yes... i was.

i was shaken. my faith was shaken. i had doubts.
'God. i believe. Help my unbelief'

before going for the trip to uluru or Ayers Rock in the center of australia (10-14 july), i was shaken. i had sleepless nights during the trip. wondering what is going to happen. but i was to be shown God's light. now, i see. a bit.

i am back home now. looking back, the trip has been wonderful. we had heavy rain. it was really cold. but it was canyons and opal mining and the sights and crazy phots and crazy brothers that made the trip what it is.

had some thoughts during the trip. i'll try to write it bit by bit.

*some photos may not be advisable to be seen publicly but they are seriously creative*

Saturday, July 09, 2005


And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28

Friday, July 08, 2005


i don't know... i just don't know.
i don't understand... i just don't understand.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

back to real life...

finally being back to real life...

lately have been missing home. being home for only 2 weeks wasn't really significant though i am grateful. it feels like i haven't been home for one and a half years. thoughts of home and church are going through my mind more often nowadays.

e-nite is coming.
evangelistic night. a musical. the music crew is the first into action.
really pushing for the songs to be out as fast as possible.
but its not easy to write songs and knowing that you have to rush it also. not easy. the dance crew and acting department needs the music out fast as well. its a MUSICal.
soundtracks and instrumental will follow as well so i planned.

i didn't expect to be doing anything for e-nite. but when i was approached and was given this role, i was pretty shocked but also glad. it had been what i always wanted. my dream. to be able to do more. at that time i was slightly undecided. 'why did it come now? at the time that i need to put my studies on top to the max? why such an opportunity now? why not earlier or before?'

there are a lot of things i don't understand. it would be a long list of why's.
why did certain things happen...
why did God let these things happen...

God works in ways higher than our own.
i don't know why. a lot is in faith. a lot requires faith.
we can actually die of worry. worrying for everything in our lives.
it is a walk of faith.

"So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today." Matthew 6:34

have you been reading God's Word lately?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

it's wednesday?


it IS wednesday.
been having a non-stop action and also sleep-action after exams. the back of my head was seriouly numb due to not having enough sleep.

let's see... i stopped at when? last thursday... ok...
yeah... somehow i refused to sleep. only woke up at 2.30pm on friday with arthur 15 minutes later.

anyways, friday was Thanksgiving Night at OCF.
partnered with janice to play the piano.
we had sharing and we see the many 'thank you' offerings to God.
i guess the OCFers also see another side of richard that has been kept quiet in his heart. something that he carried with much pain.
he is going home(early due to other commitments) and a big part of his heart is left here with OCF in Adelaide.
i am honoured to be able to serve together with him in the committee in the same two years/terms. to have a brother and a friend at the same time. the times that we had... hee hee

friday was also naughty a bit. knowing we had committee meet at 7.30 am the next morning, arthur and i played dota with D the whole night or morning. didn't sleep. D messaged us, 'eh... got to end the game. you all got to go for meeting' during the game. we needed to practise the new version. can understand, right? haha...

athur was talking with a lot of sense with a no, and i had seriously short memory and memory lapses due to the effect of not having sleep.

after the meeting was church practise. the lack of sleep seriously took my memory, forgetting what to play. thank goodness it ended early. i came home and slept. and at 6pm to go to a family friend's house. i slept through my alarm that was set at 5.30. terrible...

came home... and made sure i slept early this time.
went to church and there were OCFers that went for cycling. initially wanted to go, but decided not to, or my body will be overworked. wanted to sleep, but ended up playing dota instead.
then the big event came in the evening. overnight Dota. 10 comps in barton terrace. we started quite late. but that didn't matter. we had the whole night/morning.

having it non stop, we had to sleep in the end. at 7.30am. till about 3pm. and it was cold. arthur and i overturned our mattress to use it as a blanket. and after some pizza(9 for everyone) we played some custom games which are seriously so funny. they are simple games. but seeing each others antics and stupid mistakes or movements, it is just so funny. played till 11pm.

and that time, we really had to go home. had to set the limit. no more. and that's no more for a long time. we got to get back to the reality of life. i didn't see the sky for a whole day. and then we really felt the strain. on our minds and our backs and legs. felt like a short camp. that's the guys bonding session. so girls, don't shake your heads.

and on monday, eh? oh.. its tuesday. yes, our clocks were screwed up. tuesday, went to build up the library, the archive cupboard and the refreshments cupboard. bunnings warehouse, twisting arms and flattened thumbs, we built it up. the library looks quite good. hopefully, the OCFers use it and grow in God's Word.

with all that has happened, 'Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path'. Psalms 119:105

don't forget to pray.