Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Take Me On...

ee ling handed me a cd of jim brickman's songs. and there were a few odd-one's-out inside. i clicked on one of the odd ones and ironically, i didn't listen to the jim brickmans. instead, i'm hooked onto this song. i was just playing it and oh... an interesting tune.

then as i listened to the lyrics, it caught my heart (ok... a little drama) but it spoke to my heart. that is exactly where i am and what i am now. honestly, the last bit of the song, preferably i wouldn't want the breaking down. but God's ways, are indeed higher than our own.

its a wonderful song.
written by a local brother in malaysia.

Take Me On
written by Patrick Leong
sung by Patrick Leong and Juwita Suwito

My life is in Your hands
It's a story, that's written in Your plan
And will i make it in the end
Your promise to me
By faith alone i can

The road ahead seems like an endless quest
Each step i take i know He'll lend a hand
Oh Lord i need You till the very end
So Lord reach out Your hand

And take me on to a place
In Your loving embrace of Love
Your wonderful Love

Oh Lord just reach down inside
Till i break down and cry
For Your Love
Just more of Your wonderful Love

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