Monday, July 30, 2012

of drill and encouragement...

marching for hours under the hot sun week after week. having to be alert to the same commands over and over again. needing to be focused and not being able to move. torturous. Drill. and we're not even counting in the push-ups for punishments (fortunately GB does not have that).

after many weeks, we'll get tired physically, mentally and emotionally. things will start to break down. it gets even worse if there doesn't seem to be much progress or there is so much more to do. it is very common. what do you do in such circumstances? how do you rest together as a group when time is already lacking? would making time to rest or calling a time off in practices lead to slacking?

different groups, different dynamics. assessing the situation, a little break would do some good :) a little surprise was in store for the squad. was glad it lifted their spirits. heard that they had lots of fun sitting around and laughing together with the surprise Chatime. even came up with a 1st KL cheer.

drill is more than marching under the hot sun. working together as a team, training focus in spite of obstacles, preparation.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

kaki's corner...

the invitation was sent out early but i did not reply. was wondering how i would hold out by the weekend. had sleepless nights again. knowing that it was a full week, i had to take precautions. was also looking for a time to quieten down and withdraw.

but well, encouraged by none other than James Ho to go. a big thank you to him for giving the little push to decide to go. i was glad that i went though it was a really long day. it's been a while since i have last gone out. the little group of young adults having fun eating dinner for the occasion of celebrating a friend's belated birthday.

a notable significant lame joke: if bitten by mosquito, will become nyamuk-man (mosquito-man). if you interview him what his power is, his reply is,'I suck'.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

tuition, MBS chapel training, small group...

helping a youth in her finance studies certainly brings back memories of my uni days studying finance. interestingly and thankfully though, i can still remember the concepts but a bit rusty on the details. while going through with her, it seems i understood, but when i start reading out the terms, i get confused. haha... and i also remember during uni that i actually wrote down the meaning of all the terms especially when 2 or 3 terms actually are referring to the same thing. will work on it..

didn't expect so many to turn up (how little faith of me). some were late but its ok. we encourage punctuality for the next training so that everyone benefits together and no one needs to leave halfway. we pair up the experienced with the new so that the seniors can share their experience and the new also participate and learn. it was vibrant though some were a bit uncertain. but all good. it's a good start. i also need to get use to being in the cycle with groups of students transitioning.

went for a swim at small group leader's apartment pool. it was nice. just swim and relax. at the same time also realize how unfit and tired i am. unfortunate that she had a migraine so i helped lead. its one of those times in small group that i didn't mind leading because its like we take turns helping each other. it is OUR small group. thought of a weird icebreaker. its like pass the parcel but everyone can see the timer ticking down. whoever has it when the timer rings will be whacked with a soft toy hammer by the people on the left and right.

it was a big rush on friday. but driving home, i made a point of looking at what was significant and thanking God.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

doing drill with the Girls' Brigade...

it was a long day with the KL and Selangor district MYF combine meet with KL Wesley hosting. for once i didn't have to do anything except smile and welcome people. nice to meet new people and also some youths who i haven't seen since youthquake dec 2010. it was great to see them again.

a time of lunch, ice breakers, worship, and the MYF TRAC president gave a sharing about each of the youth groups in each church connected together. it is not about which church is the biggest but helping each other in their youth groups. we are a body supporting each other. nice to have a few oldies around as well. encouraging to see the adults take ownership of their youths and care for them. gave Kepong Wesley youths a tour of the youth workers office. of course a big wow to them but i also encourage them to prepare that for their church as well :)

and to add to a list of things that i had never thought i'd be doing and did, is doing drill with the Girls' Brigade. doing as in, being part of the squad and doing their steps together. i have helped before here and there for their preparation for their drill competition but not as part of their squad... haha... they were practising their fancy drill and it was difficult because 3 of their members were absent. 2 officers already stand in for 2 and they needed one more. so, ok. just learn it quickly and listen to the commands.

of course the girls were amused and laughing that i was willing and could do it with them. thanks to BB training. i have to admit that it was fun. then jon came in because he was looking for someone and saw me. a big shock and a big smile for something he also wouldn't have thought he'd seen.

memories... haha...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

TRAC college-uni group...

TRAC college-uni group is held once a month at TRAC headquarters, jalan gasing. Praise God for the effort by Choy Quin, Joanne, Ruth and Doreen. most are MCKL students with a few others from IMU or BAC and others.

had the honour of sharing to the youths about life after college and also ministry, together with Ruth. we started sharing about our backgrounds, then to what we did in college and uni to the working world. along the way they are allowed to ask other questions.

it was nice to hear Ruth sharing about her life and also some dangers to look out for the girls. a personal testimony is always the best type of sharing because it is personal and also true. a good friend that i met in our youth days then parted for a while through college and uni and then meet back again through TRAC.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

a good example of people serving God...

we may have endless lists of not-so-nice people that we have had to work with in church. but its not 100% all bad. there are great servants of God who are very encouraging to work with together. i am grateful for those that i get to work with.

you know you can trust them, that they have no exterior motives or vested interest. they look towards God and care for the community around.

they care to make sure that it is not just talking. they work together and do it together with you. thinking about the impact on others when making decisions, ensuring that no one is too burdened.

it's not about being the most active or having many ministries either. you know that when he can't serve, you know its because of family or things equally (or more) important that the person has to tend to. No doubts. you know he definitely wants to serve but unfortunately can't.

and if the person has to cease, we can let him go to take care of his family. and it does not mean he stops from ministry (notice the word 'cease'). he may not be able to be in the frontline but i always know that i can seek advice and help from him whenever i need to. we can talk things out, discuss and plan.

he serves humbly even though it may be a mistake on my part. fortunately it was only a small mistake about manning a station during station games.

1 Peter 4:10-11 10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

a cycle in MBS chapel...

it was agm for MBS chapel just recently on friday. got a little surprise that so many came. it is encouraging. we see a blend of the seniors and the new ones. the interviews were held earlier and the teacher advisor and president had already prayed and discussed over the posts. the posts were shown and there was a time of sharing from the seniors on what they have learned.

it is a cycle. students will come and go. this time round, the amount of people leaving would be significant. praise God that we are able to see how the group have grown together. they have grown and served God faithfully. they have made mistakes but also learned and improved on their mistakes.

different presidents brought about certain improvements. from their own characters and also strengths. the previous president brought her dynamic and proactive-ness into chapel and thought of a good system that encourages balanced teams and good worship sessions for both junior and senior sides. the current president (now ex) brought his wisdom and caring approach to ensure that no one is over burdened or over committed in both CF and chapel committees.

we're not looking for perfect people to serve God now. we're looking for growth, to see what you are now and what you are when you leave MBS. we're not concerned on how you start. we're concerned on how you finish.

the current state of the chapel ministry is good because of the current committee and God's guidance. the seniors have worked hard in getting things going well now. there is a need now for the seniors to be teaching the new ones and mentoring them properly. for the future. the chapel ministry will continue to be in a good (or even better) state because the seniors have planted and prepared and worked for it. they contributed to the future. it is building blocks. not starting from scratch whenever there is someone new.

the ministry of chapel is "planting seeds"; within the committee and externally to all the students who attends chapel service. two words for them to always remember. jon added 2 more; "trust God."

Saturday, July 14, 2012

second mother...

celebrated my maid's birthday on friday night. went to a korean bbq place. my sister also made it a point. if some were wondering, she is no ordinary maid. she has been with us for 22 years and is like a second mother to us. she would have watched us grow up from kids to primary school to secondary school to college to uni to working.

trust is built through time. glad she also comes to church with us and serves in church. always nice to hear stories of her village and of her family and stories about her growing up.

so we may ask, does a maid have less position in status or God's work? i just have to say that in as much as i am not home much now due to ministry (and i do feel bad about it), it is because of her that i am able to be more effective in ministry as well. it is because of her support, care and trust that i have less things to worry about.

appreciate my second mother.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


have the privilege of guiding the youths from PJ trinity to go for their missions camp. they too have the vision of turning their youth camps into mission camps. i believe it is a first step to many more.

after much discussion, the only suitable date was sunday and the time to leave is at 10.30a.m. well, it is 3 hours one way (don't forget lunch time and discussion time) and with the calculations, it would be night time by the time we return. by the time we really started our journey it was 11.20 a.m.

the journey to the mission area didn't feel that long compared to previous trips maybe because i was able to talk to their youth counsellor for the whole trip. getting to know him and vice versa. did a little pre-briefing as well. the 4 youths at the back were chatting at first but of course as time passes, sleeping time comes. by the time we reached it was 3pm. and one of the bridges was just taken down except for one trunk because of some rebuilding. they were so nice they had someone to wait for us by the bridge to welcome us because they know that we'd be stuck for a while. parked the van and took a 5 minute walk to the ketua's house.

after a few welcome words and introduction, we got to discussion. i asked a few questions here and there for updates and encouraged the others to ask their questions and concerns. it was their first time and i let them ask because i would be asking q's as an experienced person and forget what its like for first-timer. the q's were informative and useful. i also learn at the type of q's that they ask and also their new ideas. after discussion, we went to see the church and their new block. the kitchen, eating area and toilet. they took photos. went to see the river.

we did reach back late about 9pm because there was a bit of a jam. but i am glad that the youths put the effort for the recce trip. it is so important. even though my most recent trip was in march, there were significant changes. if we didn't go in and i based my preparations on the previous trip, it would not be preparing to the most efficient.

planning meetings coming soon. working with a new group of people.

Thursday, July 05, 2012


many would ask the purpose of having a foosball table in office. obviously we're not playing nonstop. only after office hours. it is a tool for ministry. it's a magnet for youths. and i don't have to walk around and look for them. they come up themselves.

many were wondering what this new table is and immediately are addicted to it. but with that table, many lessons can be taught.

one part of the lessons is in losing. it's a game where fluke shots can happen. the sport can be competitive but this is where lessons in being a good loser comes. i teach them to:

1) learn from mistakes and try again.

2) losing is part of life. nothing is wrong with it.

3) nothing embaressing in losing.

4) don't react angrily in losing. react with sportsmanship.

they have gotten good and now i also start to lose when playing against two of them. and i also have to be watching myself in how i react. its great that they have learned from their mistakes and improved. now i also got to up my game... haha...