Thursday, February 12, 2009

kevin & fannie's wedding (7th Feb)...

another trip down to singapore. stayed at a budget hotel, quite good. Hangout Hotel on Mount Emily. and very central. just S$50 a night. it is a near walk to orchard road but can significant for those that don't walk much.

took leave on friday. bus was at 11.30 morning and reached novena square about 5pm. we found our way to the hotel through the MRT and taxi. we later met up at bugis MRT and headed for dinner at a Chin Chin place. unique food. mutton soup was one of their specialties. it was more of mutton herbal soup. tasty. elvin and kenneth kwan were our tour guide. kenneth later brought us to esplanade. was a nice place with the modern arts and all. lots of music, lots of people walking there. we walked over to the merlion and sat near it, overlooking the lake. i enjoyed just sitting there with the OCFers around.

the Uni SA OCF is a much closer group and many came down this round. fannie's friends from JIC also came down. during the service on saturday morning, kevin wanted to acknowledge those that came from overseas and he asked us to stand. half the sanctuary stood. OCFers made the biggest family of all. aunty merrilyn and ann-marie were there too.

no offense though but there were really lots of cameramen and video guy. i don't know whether there were official ones or there must be lots of people helping, but during the vows, and wearing of the rings, we were more of watching cameramen than the wedding ceremony. so one thing to note, say thank you to friends who offer to help and only have a few official ones.

took a little walk to orchard road before the dinner and i saw the Mama Mia! DVD at borders. so i got it for a friend. i know borders existed but i didn't know borders was at the other end of orchard road. and we walked the whole stretch... and back. so about 2 hours of walking. was a good exercise. burn off some energy before the dinner.

the dinner was a garden dinner. the amount of food was just nice. wasn't overstuffed. and just spending time and catching up with them was encouraging. conversation ranges from nonsense, to corny, to lame, to serious, to current issues, to jobs, to family, to old days. unfortunately, richard couldn't attend cause he was in some country x. but it was pleasant to see the wife, sylvy there.

attended mr and mrs Tan's church on sunday and later went to kevin's house. nintendo wie was the highlight. we were laughing at each other nonstop.

on the way home, had another 5 hours to think and reflect. knowing how God has blessed me and placed wonderful people around me. and having advice and guidance and good examples. looking at my life and what's happening now and how to handle the things now and walking in faith.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

2 calls...

yups, its been a dry week. for some reasons, i couldn't type. nothing was flowing or going in my head. like a block. probably still processing stuff in the head. either that or still in shock after experiencing some healing.

anyways, 2 calls. hui chuan and danny.

it was great catching up. got a bit worried about hc cause he didn't reply my sms (he admitted already) and email (also admitted already) so ok lahh... forgivable. but it was great to hear him laugh and knowing that he is still strong in faith. morning prayer at work with colleagues and also busy at work.

and danny, my housemate in uni. from the first days in adelaide till now. look at where we are. its amazing. was on gmail and had a hello from him. somehow, i know i just had to call him and really talked deep down. areas that matter a lot to each of us. and it helps to know that there is a brother that you can trust. each of us, taking steps in our lives, surviving in this world. sharing, encouraging and ministering to each other.
being servant leaders of God is no easy task. all the more we need to pray harder.

talked about an hour. a significant hour. am so grateful for my dear brothers.

going to singapore tomorrow. yes, again... for a wedding. kevin and fannie's wedding. will be back on sunday night. heard that lots of OCFers are going down. so it'll be a surprise to see who's there. why am i so 'dedicated' to go down again? (which is what my church friends and family are asking)

because these are the people that impacted my life. God placed them in my life for a reason. i wouldn't be where i am now if it weren't for them.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

what made the day great...

8 a.m. Masterlife Class
10 a.m. Sunday School meeting
11.45 a.m. Service
1 p.m. Meet up with OCFers

i nearly didn't make it cause i didn't want to go out. but i went anyway. elaine, celine, phoebe, woon, joe han and hui yin. and later audrey and richard.
spent time in midvally and later a walk about. most left about 3pm and audrey and richard came later. i didn't see audrey and richard for 2-3 years and lots more were really clocking the time in.

i was fortunate not to have anything and i could really just enjoy the time as it is. and from 1pm till 10pm, it is one of the most treasured times i had. seriously. i really treasure it. i have to be honest to say that i didn't expect anything out of it at all and can say i was a bit hesitant. cause in some ways, there were things i was afraid of.

but everyone's grown. and it definitely is a long way from where we started off at 2004. and to see where each of us are now... Lord, its amazing. really amazing. it was wonderful talking to elaine and talking where it hits the hardest and struggling. matters of the heart. ministering to each other and just remembering and cherishing what God has done for each of us. impact? of course impact.

my writing here has gone haywired a bit cause i'm just filled with emotions and stuff. bleh... lost.