Tuesday, February 27, 2007

meet up...

monday night.
i didn't want to go.
will reach home late.
then not enough sleep.

but i dragged myself there. and also dragged edward there. (heh heh...)
mid valley megamall - little penang. 8pm. Monday.

a gathering of OCFers. ex-OCFers. ranging from just returned to ancient relics and fossils. daryl, hui yin, eileen, christine, chrisandra, kok hwa, huey chi, fannie, yu ting, kah ling, edward and me. we were missing some more people. things were a bit awkward at first and as time passes, we realise that each one of us hasn't change much in their character (that's good news) and so the feeling of 'home' and our 'family' comes back again, including all the teasing and disturbing.

though being busy, the 'family' moves along supporting each other, making at least an effort.
though things being tough, the 'family' goes through it together.

what family is this? that of the body of Christ.

and i hope that everyone who has called Jesus, "Lord" , has called Him in truth and continue to do so that they may finish the journey strong in the Lord, no matter what happens in the middle.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

chinese new year...

it was chinese new year on sunday(18) and monday(19). but holidays were given for monday and tuesday. so on sunday, meet with my father's side. monday, went to seremban, met with mother's side. and then had dinner with my mother's side. tuesday was dinner with church friends that we grew up with.

i don't really know my extended family that well, what more close to them. so i do get jealous sometimes when i see friends knowing their cousins so well or having a great time with their older cousins bringing them out for trips and also teaching them a lot from their experience.

so now as i did return after so long ( i missed the past 3 chinese new year) seeing my cousins again was tougher. we did play when we were young (very young), but as we grew up, things grew apart. and seeing each other just once a year obviously contributes.
on sunday at my father's side, okay.. i chicken out lah. talk with the uncles and aunties than my cousins. (they were curious at what happened to me being MIA for a while. )

on monday, drove to seremban and this time became braver lah. and it went well. got to know them better. and my mother's side had quite a lot of "interesting" stories. can't tell here lah. but knowing such histories brings me to pray more for them.

weds, thurs and fri was pretty empty at office. it felt really weird that we were all quiet. got to know the few remaining better. went home exactly at 5.45pm.

i met up with my ex-school mates during form 1 and 2 on tuesday night. really late night. definitely was too short and we had another meet up on friday night. after dinner at KLCC, they decided to go clubbing. and i nearly got deaf again. its really spoiling the sensitivity of my hearing. wouldn't be my idea of fun. but its okay... spend time with my high school friends.

brought me a lot of thoughts as i just look at the people around me. but that's another story. i didn't want to drink nor did i know how to dance. just played a few games of pool.
my friends were not that alert after alcohol so i had to drive them back. its okay... glad to make sure they go home safely. i had wanted to remain fully alert in case such situations arose.

i was worship leading today on saturday. it was tough to rub off the clubbing stamp on my left hand. but thankfully they didn't notice the faded stamp.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

wah.. nearly 1 month...

i don't know how i did it.
but i did it.
nearly one month i didn't post.
and its not that i'm nearing exams or having any..... for now.

well, i got work. i don't know how i got busy. i even got busy that i didn't write things down in my time management schedule that i prepared. you know how we say we filter out the less important things. i think i'm left with all the important things now, which is um... a long important list.
it does bites me with the things to do. which i realise i'm complaining lots about.
perhaps i lost some energy, with much giving.
perhaps i lost some passion, with having the passionate things further away.
perhaps i lost some focus, with having lots of things to do.
perhaps the journey, is blistering my feet.

amidst a supposed busy schedule, the time was well spent.
but the quiet times i had were important. Is important. Will always be important.

i got through this busy period. and so, as i type some little stuff here again, i feel the joy.
as it was in adelaide, where all the postings started. thanks to the handy-man again...
and after those times, life doesn't stop.

so the journey continues...

[ oh yeah... on a side note, malaysian post is crap. the post and the post office. i am patriotic, but this is too much. i miss Adelaide Post. ]

Saturday, February 03, 2007

we can see big vehicles coming our way and avoid it.
we can see the big mistakes that we can make in our lives and avoid it.

but we don't see the termites eating away the foundation of our house, until its too late.
but we don't see the little things in our life, eating our body, mind, spirit and faith bit by bit, until its too late.

that's what i thought of some time lately. i know i read it somewhere before and am reminded of this timeless wisdom. maybe it was in the 'Every Man's Battle' or 'Finishing Strong' book.

Satan knows that the big things in life, we can avoid.
and so he uses the little things and habits to change us without us knowing it.

in the end, when things fall, it was not the cause of a one-off blow with the hammer that cracks you.
it was the cause of bits of chiselling on the defences for years and years.

don't be surprised that the little tax evasion here and there, ended up as an arrest for tax evasion and fraud, 30 years down the road.

don't be surprised that the little thought of the woman/man here and there, ended up as an affair that ruins your family, 30 years down the road.

don't be surprised that the little pride and not wanting to say sorry here and there, ended up as a drop in faith and not knowing your brothers and sisters in Christ, and not knowing God, 30 years down the road.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

a prayer...

a prayer at one of my church services.

From the cowardice that dares not face new truth,
from the laziness that is contented with half-truth,
from the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
Good Lord, deliver me. Amen