Monday, July 26, 2010

one of those weeks...

this weeks is an interesting week.

had food poisoning last sat night. and the next day (sunday) was one of those sundays that i cannot miss because i'm playing for SSS and also service. but praise God that i had no toilet emergencies while at church.

my parents came back on last saturday night and was with them on monday running errands and all. was already tired but hey, they're not back for long so just make use of whatever time possible. it wasn't so smart though. towards the end, i was getting grumpy and snapped at my mother. *guilty*

my body was totally drained but still made it to work on tuesday. and rest of the week days stretched my body and i didn't have time to recover. and that wasn't smart at all. the result? neckache and backache. constant pain cause the problematic areas start to come back though energy levels grew better. and headaches too... not sure whether it was because of dehydration.

handled the work load pretty ok. was halfway working on friday when i thought, let me check who is teaching SSS this sunday. maybe the person needs help. and it was me!
the irony of it all. well, i had something to laugh about in the end. haha... (and i'm still laughing about it). and i know i couldn't have prepared it meaningfully but i know God guided me. for all of it. the opening icebreaker with a lesson, the teaching and an example of selfless giving in relationships.

how would i rate the week? its good though with the pain. God moved in the lives of the youths and i'm amazed again as always.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 progressive praises...

it is quite amazing to see things progress, knowing very well that God is doing the moving. it is hard to be measuring youth work as there is no Key Performance Index (KPI) that can be used to measure the fruits. KPI can be used to measure that systems or structures be set in place but not results in ministry. what more, numbers is not the main thing in ministry.

3 months ago, a new rule was set that all clubs in MBS has to meet for at least 90 minutes a week. thus birthed the Training sessions for Chapel Committee on friday. though things were a bit vague at times, He guided us to lead and encourage these Christian student leaders. we ask them for the 3rd week straight, "why do you do what you do?" (3 more weeks of the same question is going to follow). and 2 days ago, the sharing was deep. they shared their struggles that they have in their lives and with that, the doubts they had on their faith.

MYF has been growing stronger. the numbers of 15, but it is a solid 15. sharing grows deeper. sometimes, it is uncomfortable but it is real. the bonds are important and there is meaning towards what is done. and out of that births joy and smiles and it is starting to be fun. some fruit showed from some of the youths. giving, dedication and ownership towards MYF which is to each other. there are youths that are tired too but we all support each other in their lives.

Worship in Senior Sunday School has also been improving by leaps and bounds. of course, just getting surprised each sunday. really lots of prayer on it. today was really one of those sundays where i have nothing (metaphorically, no ideas or love to flow out) and God just did everything in worship and in teaching. may their lives be touched by God as they worship Him.

Saviour, He can move the mountains;
Our God is Mighty to Save...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

post SSS teachers retreat...

though its just 2 days and 1 night, it felt as though it was pretty long. it was memorable. we got to evaluate and discuss SSS matters effectively, relax and let loose. evaluation was 'brutal and efficient'(quoting from CH).

results were encouraging from the SSS survey recently taken and gave the teachers smiles and lifted hearts. in the youth ministry, solid/instant results are hard to see and many times we think that we aren't doing a good job and is not good enough a standard.

and the interesting thing is that we had our evaluation meeting before the presentation of the survey. truly God guided us in our discussion and show us the areas that we need to improve on. after tabling and sharing it, we had the survey presentation and it was spot on.

some SSS committee students manage to make it for this retreat and it was really great to have them with us. it was eye-opening for them because they are seeing the work of the SSS teachers behind the scenes and also looking at SSS from a teachers point of view. their valuable opinions make the discussions easier to progress because we are not speculating.

a game of water balloons give the students a chance to throw water ballons at the teachers with 'no mercy' being allowed. haha... they get to see another side of the teachers which they don't normally see during lessons. hopefully we didn't traumatize them... haha...

a session of purpose and realignment (i call it that) by ronald helps give perspective and purpose of doing what we are doing now. SSS is being run with whatever that we can and know and we would definitely want to have it better.

like many other ministries, this is a ministry that impacts lives. it is lives at stake. or quoting someone, we are in the business of saving lives...

the methodist bungalow is a cosy place though some may say that there is nothing to do up there. but because there is nothing to do there, the time is then spent with the people... which is more important.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

SSS Teachers Retreat coming soon...

the teachers retreat is this weekend at the Methodist Bungalow at Fraser's Hill. just a one night stayover. though short, i'm sure it would be a good learning and bonding time.

4 of the SSS committee will be coming as well because their input is important as we're doing evaluation and mid-year review.

i'm sure it'll be fun. argentina vs germany will be on as well. i wonder how much 'animosity' can there be when we're suppose to be united.

do pray for safety and concentration.