Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 years and 3 months...

3 years and 3 months was my duration at my workplace. it was my first job and i learnt a lot there and progressed a lot in my area. technically now, i've been well built. the banking industry is an interesting industry.

i had my last day of work on dec 22nd. it was a pretty tough ending. late nights, lots of things to tie up, lots of things to prepare. due to unfortunate circumstances at work, i couldn't do some things that i wanted to do which would help my colleagues have a faster way of doing their work. but oh well...

on the last day, was still working late cause had lots of things to do with regards to my portfolio. my mother was wondering what am i 'foolishly' doing. no one stays late towards the end of their tenure. i believe it is up for debate and how we should be reacting and working is also very subjective and depending on many factors.

i know that i have no obligation to stay late towards the end of my tenure and i have every right to leave at 5.45pm. somehow, i just feel that that is where it makes the difference. putting these last run of effort is working beyond my call of duty and anyone knows it. i know my colleagues will be in for a tough time if i do not do what i can and help what i could. what makes a good worker?

the people in the department made the place a good working place. of course, tensions and arguments exist but having an age range of about 10 years aids a lot in terms of communication and the definition of fun. i miss my colleagues.

well, old doors will have to be closed so that new doors can open.
why resign? to come in future writings...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

YCC Camp 09...

it was pretty hectic schedule and it was only after the camp that i could reflect on what has happened.

earlier as i was praying for the camp, God did speak to me in a way that i feel comforted even though the numbers were only 46 and that sometimes, things has to be this way for the best to come out. well, i wasn't too sure. but okay, if You say so.

so the camp went ahead. with a little delay in Selayang because the bus was tilting to the left, everything went smoothly. reached Gua Tempurung within the buffer time provided. it was a simple climb but also good exposure. each day had its individual highlights.

saturday was a group dynamics and steamboat dinner. i didn't know Grand Kampar Hotel was famous for its steamboat dinner. sunday was the movie 'Guardian' in the afternoon and a Spiritual Spa in the night.

there was ample free time to encourage fellowship and to mingle around. most of the free time was spent in the pool or playing in each others rooms. or some sleeping. segregation will always be there at first but by the 3rd day, people were warming up to each other. and of course, the usual feeling on the 4th day, when people finally are comfortable and 'click' with each other and its time to go home...

one thing that i was really glad was that the elder youth/young adults that came for the camp. i shared with them what God showed me and encouraged them to just be themselves and share their lives with the youths. i believe very much that real sharing from real lives from real hearts of real people is precious.

our camp speaker, Mr. Selvaraj shared for 3 sessions about the Mindset, Maturity and Making Christ tangible. the way he delivered his message about God was pretty practical i would say and very real to what's happening with us and around us. it was a good ground for discussion and sharing. devotion was done as a group. workshops were done with some group dynamics to further strengthen the understanding of the questions before discussion. worship was just a keyboard, guitar and bass guitar but it was true and full of meaning.

that was the advantage of a 50/50 ratio of above 20 and under 20. it is through the sharing of lives where we learn to see God in each of our lives and also how to live as a follower and disciple of Christ. whether lives were impacted or not, i do not know. it's all a work of faith for God.

of course, there are things to tidy up and to learn from. it would be a bit hard and also a shock for me to be managing or leading people older than me. but i am grateful for the support that i had in so many forms that greatly contributed to the DNA of the camp.

there is a little surprise coming up at church but it has to be kept silent for now.

Friday, December 11, 2009

pre - YCC Camp 09

i came back from OCF convention this afternoon and at 1pm, start work again. worked till 10pm today due to unfortunate circumstances at work. i'm doing my best at work.

the little blitz trip to OCF convention hasn't sink in yet. i guess due to the hectic-ness, i haven't got time to reflect much yet. i truly thank God for the brothers and sisters that i had and have around some rare times. met my older brothers and sisters and also the younger ones. for those that i didn't get to meet in malaysia, the last time i would have seen them was 3 years ago when i left.

i got to meet janice, my dear little sister who is a cili padi girl of faith. its been 3 years. i witnessed her start of her journey but i didn't get to see her continue grow cause i left already then. and i'm sure God worked in her great things back then and also for the future.

i got to meet arthur too, my housemate. also 3 years. he's truly grown to be a fine young man of faith. being a very real christian and just sharing of how God worked wonders in his life and plans.

i am very tired but my eyes and heart are awake with a little flame. by God's grace... TRULY by God's grace that i survive each day. i only have a little flame and God does the rest. its all a work of faith...

i just felt i need to write this down because though i was at OCF convention for just 1 night session, i saw the many generations of OCFers that God has been with and who are still faithful. i'm sure there are many more who couldn't make it.

YCC camp will be in a few hours time... preparing the last bits of stuff.. oh no! i haven't even packed yet... haha.. ah well.. a few minutes and i'll be done. i don't know what will happen in this camp of 46 people. its a small number but perhaps that is good. a 50/50 ratio of above 18 and below 18. we'll see how God works :) do keep me (the camp commander) and the camp in prayer.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

OCF convention...

OCF convention, here i come!

in a last ditch and last desperate attempt, i have managed to be able to go for convention. OCF 50th convention. on the 9th, i will take halfday leave in the afternoon and will head down to melaka with ke bin. will stay over 1 night and return the next morning on the 10th where i will start work in the afternoon.

i know its crazy. its just one night on weds, and return on thurs and on fri, it'll be a trip to kampar for the YCC camp 2009.
but it is worth it.

i don't know who i'll re-meet back there again but then, let it be a surprise :) its very weird to explain it and i hope i don't offend anyone. it is a relief and encouragement to me in some ways. its like a tired soldier returning home. its been 3 years of persevering and fighting on and sacrificing... and now, returning 'home' in the company of my brothers and sisters in Christ whom i have shared lives with and whom i learned to love and trust in adelaide.

how has each other's lives been? how was your faith been? how has your journey been? how has your ministry been? i believe everyone have their story to tell... and it is very encouraging to each other as lives are shared and encouragement to persevere on wherever God has placed each of us.

i believe that there were many things God moulded and grew me, and there are also many things which were forgotten and i did not do because i had slowly grown afraid through time. still learning and growing...

working in faith...

attended chang hong and elaine's wedding and wedding dinner today. it was a wonderful and joyous occasion. came back, shower and cool down and back to preparation for tomorrow's MYF training. this time round on teamwork and leadership & vision.

i have people asking me about the state of MYF. i have to be frank to say that i don't know but there is lots to do. we cannot quantify results by the numbers that we have, and neither can we be complacent and be happy about the numbers and sit back in the comfort zone.

lots of people have been putting in the effort and trying to help. you know who you are. truly to be in a position i am in, it is pushing me further than i imagined. i put in lots of thought before and am putting in even more for MYF. i'm tired but remembering how other's have poured their time and life into me gives me strength to go on. i will pour in as well.

God, please help me. grant me wisdom to lead your sheep. these are Your people. what are you trying to teach me?

it is a work of faith. i will probably never see the fruits of it. it is all work done in faith for the future. i push and God moves. i may not know what to do but i will give it everything i got. i'm pouring everything that i've learnt to pass on to them. of course it is impossible to do it all in 2 sundays but at least there's a start.