Tuesday, October 25, 2011

friday and saturday

my ex-colleagues replied my email and one thought it was a suicide note. funny feller. but they were assuring and shared that they are always excited and interested in the work that i do because it is very different. and that they are concern also on the sacrifices that i have made. God blessed me with great ex-colleagues :)

friday was a drive down to Seminary Theology Malaysia (STM), seremban for Shearn's graduation dinner. and that's 3 years that has gone by. congratulations to him. the journey that he went through isn't easy.

saturday morning was a trip to Logos with the MYFers. 1 van, 2 cars. made it to the Logos Hope ship at about 10.15. the selling place opens at 10.00 a.m. and being early pays off. many people posted pictures of the really long queue but that's be cause they went in the evening.

certainly a new experience... haven't been to doulos. manage to find a book for a gift and also 3 university level books for RM40. i know that quality of books and it was really worth it.

after logos in the morning, it is down to seremban again for shearn's graduation ceremony. with jon and sam. i really wanted to go because it is significant. yea... it was loads of driving on that day... but it's worth it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

pondering, reflecting, brainstorming...

God has shown me a direction in KL Wesley and so far, it has been alright. there are the obstacles and roadblocks. its alright... what would be bothering me more is that, i have reached that end of the 'direction'. so where else? yes, God, where now?

still doing lots of readings and researching, talking with people and all... but so far, the combination of pondering, reflecting and brainstorming seems to be helping more. amidst reading the books and all that, there is some limitation. that is where we need the time to keep quiet and ask God to speak. only He knows the direction.

the next is to also patiently wait :)

There is more to learn...

a great sister's graduation was today. she completed her masters after such a long time because she was also working part time. praise God for her amazing journey! wanted to drop by her uni but it was quite far. had to let my body rest first. my head is currently in the middle of blanking and alertness.

saw someone posted a pick-up line on fb. haha... didn't see that for a long time...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

sunday breezes through...

body was really tired but after doing a few rounds of controlled breathing, the body was feeling stable. remembered about Psalms 139... it was shared during vespers in Nepal and remembering the encouragement was helpful.

today was an outing with the SSSers. bowling at Midvalley. it was great to have an outing with them, especially after PMR. anything special happened? yes... Anusha beat Kenneth in bowling...

unfortunately i was late in returning by 3pm for GB cantata practise. not good an example. could have actually reached back in time, but then i forgotten where i parked the car cause one SSSer took photo so i didn't put it in my mind. of course, my bad. the photo had problems showing on the phone when he was trying to open the file (brand will be undisclosed to avoid defamation :P ). so we had to do some searching loh.... in the Midvalley parking lot man... at least we were on the correct basement.
inspiration for an amazing race game :P

it was great to be back at GB (yes, Girls' Brigade) musical practise again. for Christmas. was away for a while in Nepal. but being with them again and seeing the hard work and dedication put into the musical is nice. encouraging them in all their hard work. quite a team of MMT are also helping in the various parts of the musical. the progress is looking good!

a thought to ponder: how to help and support the GB officers more and how to link the girls to the church.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

writing again...

i can't seem to remember why i stopped writing after august. after a while, i'll remember. at least i better write down why i would start again.

with things being packed everywhere and really non-stop, i may have driven myself to the ground. i don't know. in as much as things are going well (though with mistakes), there may be an underlying area of directionless that is not addressed.

have to find time and grounds to be pausing and reflecting, whether it is just the silence that i need or the time i need with God.

maybe the writing have aiding me through the years to be pausing and reflecting on God and if it helps, i better pick it up again.

ahh.. now i remember why. i stopped because of busy-ness and also cause it was difficult to be writing about things especially when it is about the people that i am working with, or the people that i am ministering to, or the difficulties and struggles that i am facing. so if there's any reflections on that, i can't really write it out.

got to let it be balanced... let every word be edifying...