Friday, March 05, 2010

and i return...

3 days has passed since i returned.

adapting is quite weird and a new feeling. though it is only 2 months, but because it is a drastic 100% change when i was there, so it will also be when i return. re-entry is the word for the little phase i'm going through now. its not the physical but the mental adaptation. i do miss them at Long Lamai.

i get dizzy driving/sitting in a car. i didn't see a mirror for 2 months except for the camera. can't take too much of the city food. not use to it. need the sweet potato leaves and rice in the leaf. where's the river? the bed is too soft. its a bit 'too' comfortable. couldn't sleep properly the first 2 nights. the bed's a bit high from the floor. woke up and my hand naturally wants to part the nonexistent mosquito net at home. and life routine changes.

its back to a busy schedule. that's not so good. but the necessary things need to be done.

welcome back to civilization some people say. but i think civilization cannot just be measured by technology or advancement of a nation, but of character of the people as well. even though technology may be a bit behind, the people there can be said to be more civilized in terms of character than some of those in the city.