Monday, September 22, 2008

what a month!

i've kind of lost track of time. from where i last posted, the church musical was in a weeks time. and there was lots of hurrying for the props. a lot of things to touch up before the final day of sept 6 and sept 7.

it went well. lots of people were ministered to. well, that was from the response and feedbacks we got. the negatives? well, got lah. and when i got back to work on monday, i suddenly felt so tired. really VERY tired. and was about 3 days before i recovered. i must have been running on adrenaline, or God holding me up... He must have been holding me up.

the next week was preparation for a big and meaningful card for our SG leader. our goal was to make her cry. well, that was my goal. haha... nevertheless she was touched when she saw the card.

the next weekend, it was a weird weekend. perhaps some adventure would be interesting. it starts of with small group on friday night and i needed to get back to cook and feed my dog. there was a prayer session at 6.30 a.m. and they needed a keyboardist. thank goodness Doreen booked a room for me so that i could just drive back to church and sleep. i reached at 1 a.m. and slept. woke up at 5.55 and went down at 6 to practise with the worship leader. if there was no room, i will definitely be late. and after that, is a wedding (brought the formal clothes). i was playing 'I'll Be Here' by steven curtis chapman for the choir to sing. and then it was a wedding lunch. by the end, fatigue was hitting on me and i just reached home and KO'ed.
the next day, i had to drive to LCCT to pick my maid up at 1 a.m. my sister came along so it wasn't so bad. got lost. NEVER follow signs that says "KLCC or Ampang together with Seremban" on the highway. just follow Kuala Lumpur. haih!

what happened next week? oh.. which means a few days ago. well, a wedding in Muar, Johor. it was my ex-colleagues wedding and we were good buddies during the tenure. he asked me to be his Heng Tai. my first reaction was, 'it this a joke? or you are wanting me to be a joke?' cause i'll be a 'non-speaking-mandarin' in a 'mandarin-speaking-don't know english' world.
of course, i just went. and definitely a whole new world. slept in the old chinese wooden houses and all the antique stuff is really in there and still working. good thing he has water heater. and i tell you, the feeling of together-ness is so strong. his family, his relatives, and neighbourhood, and childhood and school friends were all visiting him and being with him. amazing.
my colleague was really exhausted of course.

he got me to be his kind of official camera man too... i'm not paid but i'm willing to do it to help him save a few thousand dollars. i was exhausted too. haha...
it starts with some warm up shots at night for the buffet. then sleep at 12 and wake up at 7. the entourage leaves at 7.30 to go to the brides house.
fortunately, the challenges were just meant for the bridegroom and i was just snapping. there was no wasabi, no push ups, no running, no ... yeah.. just nothing for the heng tai's to do. i was snapping and camera-videoing as much as i can. hope i did a good job. i haven't seen all the photos yet. i'll just leave it to my colleague to filter through when he gets back from Muar.

the wedding certainly opened my eyes a lot. comparing to the many city weddings that i have attended, this wedding is a lot smaller and simpler. however, nothing beats the together-ness and friendship despite its simplicity. they are like a band of brothers. most of them came back from KL to Muar for the wedding. the best man came back from Sydney (he was back 3 months ago for his wedding). try to beat that...

after the wedding lunch on saturday, my colleagues (who came down the morning itself) and i drive to Melaka for a stayover at a bungalow. it was a little mini trip and vacation. we ate this and ate that...and later, dropped by a colleagues house in melaka for a little rest before we drove back to KL.

parents will be back this friday for one week which is during the Hari Raya holidays.