Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Why God made friends?

i remember how this poem was one of the first poem's that i have first read and have first touched me and birthed my heart.

Why God Made Friends

God made the world with a heartful of love,
Then He looked down from Heaven above,
And saw that we all need a helping hand,
Someone to share with, who’ll understand.

He made special people to see us through
The glad times and the sad times, too;
A person on whom we can always depend,
Someone we can call a friend.

God made friends so we’ll carry a part
Of His perfect love in all our hearts
—Jill Wolf

how the last part made it in me. God's love.


yeah.... i haven't posted for long. or been consistent.

i'll be honest. having some kind of slight depression. i hope its not more.

but i'm sorry i can't type it. cause... um... can't lah.

i remember one of the purpose of this online journal is to reach out and share with others. but i have to say, it is tough because not all can be typed out.

being ______ , i just want to kneel down, and cry out before God. "is there something you want to teach me? what is it?"
plus, doing stuff to get my mind of those 'things' so that i can at least focus and remain alright.

Lord, let Your light shine on me. let Your presence be felt.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday

well, there was no uni today.

had full days for the past days. trying to finish up as much work as i can before the Easter weekend. it was tiring. and had been a little bit out of control as well.

friday morning had church service. was something new to me in the order of worship at church. there was a reading, then a song, another part of a reading, and a song. and it happen a few times. the songs were sung by a soloist or different groups and each song had a meaning according to the passage.

then had practise for a sketch on sunday. acting out the morning of easter till the ascension to heaven.

and then to the delirious worship session. or concert, i think. it was a new experience, especially having nearly gone deaf with the super loud music. it was actually quite well controlled though. couldn't make out some of the words sometimes because the background music was too loud. but i have to say that they were good. their songs had a purpose. they played for a purpose. and a true purpose it is, to worship and glorify God. and it was good. reminding us on Good Friday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


i was just looking a one of my friends blogs and he was talking about missing a friends 21st birthday celebration.

and i forgot about her birthday coming up, which has also already passed.

man, you're far away, and you forgot. aiyah... now i see how all these birthday reminders thing going around on emails and being set up on the net come into use. i think i better at least give a little very-lated wish. it's her 21st. and i better take note of the others who are also turning 21.

21? that seems like what everyone say you get golden key. and i only learnt that last year. adulthood, working, independence, no more kiddies table during dinners, blah blah blah... . like its such a coveted position.

it should be more of, reaching a significant chapter of your life.

where's the peter pan in us that will always have the youth and vigour? peter pan, the boy who never grows up.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Creator King

one of the songs in Don Moen's album 'Thank You, Lord'.

Creator King

You who made the mountains and the seas
Measured out the universe and You made me
Echoes of the voice that called the world to be
Reached throughout the ages and now speak to me
You're my Creator King

You who made the valleys and the skies
Displayed Your love on far horizons and before my eyes
You who lit the stars and set the dawn in time
Called them all by name and now You whisper mine
You're my Creator King

Who am I that You are mindful of me
Who am I that You sent your love for me
You're my creator king

You who made the darkness and the light
Sun and moon to watch the day and guard the night
The hand that stretched the heavens like a canopy
Reaches down to cover and watch over me
You're my Creator King


i had always wanted to write something about this since i saw U-Liang posted on my tag board.

in school, for me, when i first entered MBS then there are your seniors. they are your elder brothers. and soon, you'll be one too. and as time goes, generations come and go.
i just saw in another friends blog, a picture of them, which is 5 generations of CF presidents. isn't that cool or what?
then the recordings of friends of the same batch, your juniors, your seniors. people that have been by your side, teaching you and laughing with you and also AT you.

and we go our seperate ways. the SCF convention (Msia) is still going on. i wonder whether is MBS still the host. and it's been a priviledge to be able to serve there with the many leaders, young and old. advice given to youth, and was sometimes thrown away. you make mistakes and hurt others. and you are forgiven. a growing ground.
ah... i miss the MBSians and the CF. i wonder whether they still remember me. if they don't, it's alright. i've been overseas anyway.

CF is like your family. united through Jesus Christ.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

and port adelaide...

i have to admit, i'm tired. my brain has been having pretty a lot of momentary short freezing periods. had 3 assignments due on tuesday. have already worked hard and finished 2 and now one left. that's great. but its statistics man...

i honestly had no mood to do anything but needed to rest. but i decided hmm... just go for the port adelaide trip. can relax there and continue to meet the new people. it was good. footy (australian football) was fun learning it and then playing. our australian friend must be really amused and we got to thank him for his fine coaching and answering our curious questions.

then a visit to the train museum. they are HUGE, don't know how many tonnes. i think there was a 3 thousand tonne train. took photos. and yeah, learnt about the evolution of trains. seeing the parts and first class and economy class. some of the trains are a hundred years old and yes, runs on steam. and more than a hundred years ago, man could achieve such huge feats of engineering skills. solid metal power.

the day is good. let's always remember to thank God for it.
oh yeah, and finally the internet has come. woo hoo! i think it was pretty good in a way that there was no internet at the beginning of uni. but now, it is really needed for the assignments and collections. all good.

smile more, people!

Friday, March 18, 2005


OCF today! bible study... chok worship leading... lots of people...
(follow-up'ping is hard work)

been at the labs for so long. statistics and financial computing. and the resource center does not have the SAS softwarre that i need for my statistics. means i have to finish it all today. and no fun. PLUS financial computing where my comp's excel does not have those add-in's stuff.

anyway, been reading a little book about church history and i have to say it is very interesting. seeing the Ages and Movements through time. from the Apostles and Paul, persecutions, to the Bishops, docrines, to the Romans, to deviations (Arianism and 'another'-ism), Mystisim, Scholatisism, Humanism, false claimes, Roman ruling to Reformation, the Age of Reasoning, Enlightenment and i only read till there. i don't think i got the order right.

different styles of thinking were mentioned and explained. it changes through the Ages. it was pretty saddening seeing the many deviations and false claims. also there are the claims and people don't want to admit that they are wrong because of pride. so there leads on arguments and another false sect. i don't know what age we are in now, but i have to say that it is getting pretty difficult and confusing as to what is true and reasonings and questions and the many things around us.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

morialta park

morialta park.
35 Celcius
2 falls (little bit of falls lah)
and that's a lot of walking and jogging.

i have to give credit to those who went through the hike. its not easy to hike in the heat. give yourself some praises, hikers! we had already walk in quite a distance to the starting point. and it was already sapping lots of energy. and the hike hasn't even started yet.

a whole different view and type of forestry compared to jungle trekking in malaysia where it is a dense tropical forest. and no leeches here in aust (they'd all die in the dry heat anyway).

and someone regretted wearing slippers to hike. but got to give him credit. on the sandy grounds, he just took the slippers off and walk barefooted.

check this out...

To all staff and students,
A fire main was damaged during construction works on the North Terrace Campus of the University of Adelaide on Friday 11 March 2005. While there was damage caused to a number of areas, the quick action by a number of University staff and emergency services has ensured that the damage was not much greater.

As a result of the water damage to buildings, some classes in Computer Sciences and Psychology will have to be moved and other services will be affected. I am pleased to report that all timetabled lectures across the University will proceed as normal from Monday 14 March and onwards. In addition, a number of staff in Computer Sciences will not be able to return to their workplaces at this stage. I apologise for the disruption caused to both students and staff of the University. Please be assured that the University is working around the clock to ensure the restoration of all areas as soon as possible.

I have been in contact with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor James McWha, who is currently attending overseas graduation ceremonies. He has asked me to express his thanks to staff for their time and commitment in addressing the problem. In addition he would ask all students and staff to be patient while areas are being assessed, tested, reinstated and repaired. The Vice-Chancellor would also like to assure all students that, where the water damage and the recovery process has interrupted coursework and assessment, this will be taken into account as appropriate. Students should contact their individual Schools for more information and to make any special arrangements.

More detailed information is now available on the University of Adelaide homepage at

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

week 2

week 2 of uni now.

and the house and my room is not even settled in properly. been sleeping on the floor for quite long (since i moved in i think).

went through quite a lot of the purpose driven life already. had a lot of thoughts. i am quite a deep thinker and reflect, so at some days it took quite a longer period to finish a 'day'. i'll definitely want to take time to write that out and post it.

the internet should be coming soon.

last week the OCFers had a dinner and handy and i just came up with an interesting line.

"we may not have the 5 C's (cash, car, career, condominium, credit) but we have the most important C. Christ!!!".
(don't ask me how we were lead to that line)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the days are hot again...

the days are hot again. really really hot. monday was so hot, i felt like i was next to the sun (though technically, i won't be feeling anything cause i'll be dead).

still being internetless. lectures are alright. having lots of work and don't know why i'm feeling tired. maybe it's because it's right after lunch. wanna sleep.

i have stuff that i just recently read. but it is hard to write something nice with many students around you, speaking don't know what and people binding stuff behind me. still having to go to the resource center but man, that is good already. at least there is still internet. but the resource center is nearly always full. probably i'm not use to it, seeing it always empty in summer.

now there is arthur's comp next to danny's comp. so that makes 4 in the hall. i'm just afraid that the plug points will blow seeing the amount of extension cords plugged to another extension cord to another extension cord. sat together to discuss what will be the payments and other things of the house. pretty cool. for now, it'll be arthur and danny washing, carter buying and me doing mass cooking. that'll be something interesting to learn.

some funny thoughts:
if a snowman was eating ice cream, then the he is a snowman cannibal.
if your nose runs and your feet smells, then you are born upside down(got it from somewhere).