Friday, March 18, 2005


OCF today! bible study... chok worship leading... lots of people...
(follow-up'ping is hard work)

been at the labs for so long. statistics and financial computing. and the resource center does not have the SAS softwarre that i need for my statistics. means i have to finish it all today. and no fun. PLUS financial computing where my comp's excel does not have those add-in's stuff.

anyway, been reading a little book about church history and i have to say it is very interesting. seeing the Ages and Movements through time. from the Apostles and Paul, persecutions, to the Bishops, docrines, to the Romans, to deviations (Arianism and 'another'-ism), Mystisim, Scholatisism, Humanism, false claimes, Roman ruling to Reformation, the Age of Reasoning, Enlightenment and i only read till there. i don't think i got the order right.

different styles of thinking were mentioned and explained. it changes through the Ages. it was pretty saddening seeing the many deviations and false claims. also there are the claims and people don't want to admit that they are wrong because of pride. so there leads on arguments and another false sect. i don't know what age we are in now, but i have to say that it is getting pretty difficult and confusing as to what is true and reasonings and questions and the many things around us.

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