Tuesday, March 15, 2005

morialta park

morialta park.
35 Celcius
2 falls (little bit of falls lah)
and that's a lot of walking and jogging.

i have to give credit to those who went through the hike. its not easy to hike in the heat. give yourself some praises, hikers! we had already walk in quite a distance to the starting point. and it was already sapping lots of energy. and the hike hasn't even started yet.

a whole different view and type of forestry compared to jungle trekking in malaysia where it is a dense tropical forest. and no leeches here in aust (they'd all die in the dry heat anyway).

and someone regretted wearing slippers to hike. but got to give him credit. on the sandy grounds, he just took the slippers off and walk barefooted.

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