Wednesday, March 30, 2005


yeah.... i haven't posted for long. or been consistent.

i'll be honest. having some kind of slight depression. i hope its not more.

but i'm sorry i can't type it. cause... um... can't lah.

i remember one of the purpose of this online journal is to reach out and share with others. but i have to say, it is tough because not all can be typed out.

being ______ , i just want to kneel down, and cry out before God. "is there something you want to teach me? what is it?"
plus, doing stuff to get my mind of those 'things' so that i can at least focus and remain alright.

Lord, let Your light shine on me. let Your presence be felt.

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anonymous said...

amen to that. hope youre feeling better, brudder. remember how hes carrying you. :)