Monday, February 28, 2005


as mentioned earlier, no internet and no phone at home. can anyone live like that?
haha... right now, have to rely on the uni's internet.

results came out on friday. and woo hoo! got a high pass. not enough. enough for the moment but not for the long run. still, Praise God indeed. i think a few days earlier before the exam i was reading something about God's peace and the reason Jesus is called Prince of Peace linking to Proverbs 3:5-6 and the Beatitudes (Matt 5:3-11) "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God".

as i was typing out an email to my parents, "through much encouragement, faith, trust and love, that things are just going. thankfulness, i have a lot to do."

i got quite a few good readings between the day i stopped posting and till the day of my exam. but i'll get it in bit by bit.

a lot of things happened and needed to be done too. my apartment at the moment (since last week) looks like a workstation or more of OCF headquarters.. haha... i'm pretty amused. it is interesting. laid in the hall is richard's comp, then danny's, then mine, with loads of wires laid out in front. laid out with work around us and the occasional warcraft.

uni starts today. and i have no class on monday's.( <--that's just nice to tell)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

and i return...

been away for so long. yes, had to focus and concentrate.

thank you for the many prayers. the journey has the ups and downs. from just mentally drained to pulling back from everything. battling it out and keeping calm.

the exam, well, there is a high percentage that i will pass or score higher.

God played a big part in my coming back during summer and throughout summer. Glory to God for the healing and people and strength(i just automatically wake up at 7, regardless of what time i sleep, which does not happen at all before).

i want to thank Danny who really helped me a lot in the maths. be it just a few times. it was interesting to learn the approach that he had on mathematics and his style of learning and logic.

and the OCFers are returning. O week have ended by now.
there is lots and lots of work to be done. everyone is stretched. things need to be tidied up. and preparation.

have just shifted all my stuff to the new apartment now. it looks like a workstation because of the business and amount of work that needs to be done. don't have internet yet or phone line. we're just surviving on bare minimum. haha.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Job 23:10

Job 23:10
but lets read in context.

8 "If I go forward, he is not there; or backward, I cannot perceive him; 9 on the left he hides, and I cannot behold him; I turn to the right, but I cannot see him. 10 But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I shall come out like gold. 11 My foot has held fast to his steps; I have kept his way and have not turned aside.

Anyway, its off the night internet and only on the uni internet. i'll tend to the blog very little for now and will probably be left alone till 22nd February (tuesday) which is my final exam. i have a small test on the 14th Feb (monday) as well. keep me in prayer. it is a battle of the mind and fears.

take care. :)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

day 13

in day 13, Worship that pleases God (the purpose driven life)(a small excerpt).

In his book 'Sacred Pathways', Gary Thomas identifies nine of the ways people draw near to God:
'Naturalists' are most inspired to love God out-of-doors, in natural setting.
'Sensates' love God with their senses and appreciate beautiful worship services that involve their sight, taste, smell and touch, not just their ears.
'Traditionalists' draw closer to God through rituals, liturgies, symbols and unchanging structures.
'Ascetics' prefer to love God in solidute and simplicity.
'Activists' love God through confronting evil, battling injustice, and working to make the world a better place.
'Caregivers' love God by loving others and meeting their needs.
'Enthusiasts' love God through celebration.
'Comtemplatives' love God through adoration.
'Intellectuals' love God by studying with their minds.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to worship and friendship with God. worship in spirit and in truth. all real. not faked.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


talk about a day gone wrong...

really gone wrong.
spoiled mood.
ground shaken.
fears arise.

that's what it's like to have your daily plan interrupted and changed. then have an unfinished task. unable to coordinate stuff. and having to change lots of plans.

i don't like being stepped upon or taken advantage of. i really 'hate'. and that's a strong word. just because people have not seen me get angry doesn't mean they can't say anything they want about me, or treat me like rubbish. and it happens a lot. alright, so i have imperfections. and so you can look down on me? crap. from your own Christian brothers and sisters some more.

and that just butterfly effect to lots of stuff, from stressed out trying to rearrange plans to offending people in the process in frustration to forgetting about calling my parents and leaving them waiting and getting scolded.

ok. less talking. more smiling. more prayer. take away the noise. i want to hear God speak. breathe. slowly.... slowly....

slowly... slowly...

Friday, February 04, 2005

prayer for worship

i'm sitting here now in the resource center typing out the lyrics and chords
for the transparencys and kah wai, yes, preparing for worship leading for OCF
later. (and hey, gillian just came in. aiyah.. diversion...)

anyway, but is that 'preparing' enough?

it is needed and is necessary. but it's not complete. prayer in preparation
leading up to the worship leading date.
we may have all the music instruments and the high tech stuff and the best
musicians and vocals, but there will be no spirit in the worship if there is no
preparation in prayer.
i remember how worship sessions are equated to concerts. you're up there,
singing and leading. o, how tough it was to get that mentality out of my head.
o, its not a performance.
i've learnt even more what it means to pray for the worship session.
pray for good response? pray for an exciting worship? that all will go well? no
mistakes? no....
pray that God's spirit will be there, to bless the worshippers and make His
presence be felt and known to us.
upholding the whole session, upholding our gifts for God to use. prepare what
is necessary and the rest is in God's hands. push the big rock with whatever
capacity you have, but God will do the moving.

NOTE: i'm not saying we should just flimsily prepare for worship. we must still all prepare to our BEST (our capacity) for God cause God deserves the best. but
in the end, it is in God's hands.

the best worship can just come with the simple playing of a guitar and the
worship leader. or even without the guitar.