Saturday, April 30, 2005


been feeling melancholic the past few days. and also wasn't feeling too good in terms of a rest. the days had been really draggy. but had the song 'i'll be here' by steven curtis chapman playing in my head and on the comp as well + singing + guitar. haha... my simple entertainment.

ocf had a bgr talk and it was very well done by uncle vincent. he split us into 6 groups for each to present a different scenario. and it was really hilarious. what can you make up in 5 minutes?
seriously, we just laughed and laughed at the creativity and talent and sportingness.
the issues presented in the sketches are issues that we have to deal with in relationships. uncle vincent talked about many issues comprising questions that we had sent earlier. these are just a few of what i learnt.

uncle vincent talked about what it is, getting together with a non-chistian and later when the non-chistian accepts Jesus, won't he/she ask you in return, why did you get together with me when it is not enouraged at all in the bible?

he also illustrated that it is easier to pull down a person then to pull up a person. and that it is not in our control whether the person accepts or not. it is the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

he made clear the point about mix households. it is not a sin, but there are implications that we have to be careful of and that we do not stumble others.

and about God's will as well. how do we know? of course a line can't be drawn. God paints beautiful pictures in our lives. but there are guidelines or sort of a checklist.
Commitment C
Age-Background-Christ-Devotion-Education A-B-C-D-E
Calling C

honestly, it is a long drag of faith and patience especially when nearly your whole world is turning into pairs. but let us never get too proud and with a humble heart, realise and acknowledge not only just something called wisdom, but God's wisdom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

a coke bottle?

i was sitting down one day (can't remember where) when i saw a coke bottle.
and my mind wandered.

i saw in a coke bottle. a thought.

one is like a coke bottle. inside the bottle is the good stuff (lets say it is). and when we have a lot of things happening to us, we are being shaken around. and just as the gas builds up in the coke bottle, the pressure builds up in us. and a lot it is. when the time comes for ministry or wanting to help others, you open the cap to let your heart and the love come out.

but because of the pressure, all the good stuff just splurt out and is wasted. we are rendered ineffective in our attempt to help in many bits of areas.
and from the coke bottle, the way to keep it from exploding is to open the cap and quickly close it, open the cap and quickly close it again and again to ease the pressure.

just like us, we are to pray more. have more quiet time with God. remain in solitude. cause it is through many things that healing comes, so i've learnt. we may not realise it, but it is these bits by bits that makes up the comfort and peace in the long run.

are we too pressured inside?

Monday, April 25, 2005

oh man....

its monday !!! (in an 'oh no' tone.... not excitement)

had a full day yesterday. at least i'm well rested. woke up at 11.30. hmm... its been quite long since i did that.
but looking at the past days, it was packed. but i made sure i had time to sit down and be still.

had comm dinner yesterday. it was a time of prayer and fellowship. been very long since we had that. its moments like these that are memorable.
prayed with richard. and a heart to heart talk. thanks.
and the food was good.

played spin the bottle that leads to truth or dare. and its a stupid bottle that was used. it pointed at me 3 times in a row and also in many other subsequent times. embaressing... alright, i did my best to be sporting. but i have to admit that certain things can't be told. cause it would seem a joke and not be taken seriously. not that i don't trust you all... sorry... but the time will come. :)

work demands a working heart. bleh...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

of mishaps and OCF...

my father couldn't find his wallet on thursday. and so we had 'operation wallet'. spent the whole morning (including housemates.... thanks) looking for it and calling people up. but in the afternoon we went to the police station to make a report cause it may have dropped somewhere.
my father was quite in quite distressed. but i just kept calm though it was getting panicky.
at night... my father found it... inside the pillow cover. heh heh heh... but we already had my mother cancelled the credit cards back home.

brought my father to OCF on friday. aunty merrilyn was there. and also to the amusement of the OCFers. they were VERY eager to meet my father. haha.

on saturday, had a father-son time. advice. on working. future. home.
and then, i got locked out of the car with my father's luggage in it. thank goodness we were 3 hours before the flight. and thank you richard and shi hui for coming to my aid. drove up to walkley heights (further than prospect road) to get the spare keys. and of course after much scolding out of frustration ( hey... it was my first time) we were on our way. my father thought the airport was 1 1/2 hours away.

yeah... i do miss my father. i wasn't use to it at first. nearly teared seeing him leave. but alright.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Lord, You are right.
the realisation comes and the conviction of the Spirit.

Everything into Your hands.
my fears.
my insecurities. especially that.
my plans.
my hopes.
silently, i feel insecure and no confidence at times, in certain areas. of the future, of myself, of relationships, of learning, of character, of focus.

i'm sorry for lacking in faith in these areas.
help me to see more of You.
help me to think clearly with patience. of not rushing things. of not wanting things my way but Yours. cause things get worse with my doings. and spoils the relationship.
grant me wisdom.

this is my humble prayer. in Jesus' Name.

just as the song 'with all i am' goes. it IS all about living for an audience of One.

Monday, April 18, 2005

guardian angel....

i had this thought some time ago while i was visiting lincoln college.

one of my wishes is to be a guardian angel so that i can always help people all the time. and that's what i always want to do. to show that God cares for them.

i was talking to someone when the thought came to me.

someone would be more comforted if he knows that the person helping has gone through that same problem as well. thus, reminding me of all the heartaches that i have gone through. i ask God why. why, why, why. what's the purpose? its super painful. but i let it go and have faith. was not easy. but now i get a glimpse. one of the little reasons.

its easier to help others cause i have gone through it before. they know, that i know how they feel.
if i was a guardian angel, i'd still be able to help. but not as effective.

and it reminds me also. Jesus knows how we feel. He knows our joys and He knows our pains cause He has been through all of it. when Jesus helps us and lifts us up, He knows. He understands. He, as the Comforter, understands.

father in adelaide...

hmm... that probably also explains why i haven't been posting cause i got to be quick and so, does not leave much time to think and reflect.

my father came on saturday morning. so far, so good. he's been settling in well. and i'm treating him much better compared to when my mother came with me in my first year. yeah... i was just very grumpy and a little bit ungrateful. so at least, i try to make it up and making my father feel the best. and for the first few times... i'm planning a week of trips and scheduling. not bad for me, who don't really like to plan at all and also not that good in it.

so it has been, saturday to kowloon. sunday to church, china town, fasta pasta (was suppose to be AB). monday, lyndoch for lunch, barossa valley and handorf for dinner. the drive was 150km in total. i have a problem keeping my eyes open now. they're pretty tired.

so night time, its for uni work. and for now, the quick post. get the advice and father-son time. future. economy. working environment. things that causes one to get fired. being a professional. professional certificates. ministry. music. music ministry. styles of teaching bible study. family. mother. sister. didn't ask about girls though. so, phew! i guess, much is that i got to get focused and be choleric as much as i don't like it. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2005


at easter camp, there was drama evening. and i'm very sure every group pieced everything together at the last hour before it started. haha...

there was as scene that was really touching. they showed a guy signing up at for easter camp, being greeted and meeting people, being given a toilet roll from his guardian angel and being served food. and the guy was frustrated. where are you Jesus? what's this toilet roll thing i'm getting?
but Jesus answered, 'I was there with you.' and they reacted the whole scene again. and this time, Jesus was there bringing people to greet him and shaking hands with him, handing out together the toilet roll, serving food together through the hands of others. its a bit difficult to explain it out. but it totally changed my whole perspective of camp. Jesus was really really there!

i also saw a lot of togetherness in the camp this time. a lot of my seniors have already moved on. the majority of full timers are the new or younger ones that came last year. and now, i see them flourish and grow. OCF is a part of them now. its just always amazing to see easter camp, being run fully ( i cannot stress more) by students. kitchen helpers and the two leaders deserve big big credits. i was talking with one of the leaders and he was saying, it is fully God's strength that they could be standing all the time. from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m., non stop preparing food. and after looking at food the whole day, they didn't eat much. just one or two spoonful.

for the organising of the camp, we see much of God's guidance and wonders over and over again. its neverending. how much we thank you. how much i thank you. gratefulness. not to forget, 4 accepted Jesus into their lives.

tomorrow's OCF. and sharing will be long. even more wonders will be made known.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

post-easter camp

came back on monday afternoon. though now it is wednesday. was busy. had to go to uni on tuesday at 9 for statistics group assignment.

just haven't come back to the typing. there is just suddenly so much to type. many thoughts and inspirations and revelations and kind of overwhelming with so many stuff suddenly.

i can just type it out one point and there goes a long paragraph. guess it'll have to be a bit by bit and also not too long.

i fell sick before easter camp started due to trying to cram up work so that i can enjoy easter camp. i ended up having a really bad sore throat which gave me a very bass and manly voice (think frank sinatra). i had fun with it. but can't sing for long. during worship, i could only sing a little before i start coughing or feeling pain. i was really taught what it is to sing from the heart. i spent more time in prayer and meditation. and really got to know what it is to rejoice and be still.

another would be how God amazes me everytime and also humbles me many times. being trained and nurtured in the music ministry, preparation and practise is definitely needed and lacking in any of it spells disaster. what more with students who are not professionals. honestly, i was really skeptic at how well the worship sessions could turn out to be. how was i humbled?
all the worship sessions were powerful. it is in the end, again and again, God's presence that fills the worship. it is committing the worship session into God's hands. people coming into the presence of the Lord. sorry, God. it is God that makes the worship sessiong as powerful as it is, working through the worship leaders and musicians that offer up themselves and their gifts for God to use them.

to be continued...

Thursday, April 07, 2005


easter camp will start tomorrow.

finally.... what a relief. its been a packed week trying to pack and finish as much work as i can. tired. and going to fall sick too. having a sore throat now. must quickly try to cure it.

been chopping garlic again. bleh... i think i seriously had too much handling of garlic already. getting a bit traumatised if i see any again.

feeling the excitement of easter camp. but haven't packed yet. have to be at uni at 5 pm. and class ends at 4 pm. got to cycle back and then run down to uni with my luggage. oh well...

its a well deserved camp. i can rest and enjoy. and please God don't let my sickness get any worse. heal me... :)

ok... dizzy and nauseous now. got to go to sleep...

i wonder what will happen at easter camp 05 now. expect great things from God! its exciting!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


deeply saddened that is...

to know of what has strikened my friend back home.
to know the pain he is going through.
to know that i am too far away to do much.

NO! i will not let him fall.
i will not let my friend fall.
i will pick him up and do whatever i can to have him live again.
God loves him.
he is God's child as well.
i will type.
i will type novels of email if need be.
i will make sure he is comforted.

and i will uphold him into God's hands.

'No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for a friend'.
John 15:13

Monday, April 04, 2005

times that passed...

priceless photos...

i remember handy and i were laughing about photos from the beach trip in 04 and also easter camp. we see how funny and innocent everyone looked when they first came and also the seniors. those were the 'where it all began...' times.

the younger me at easter camp 03. and also the original seven brothers that ministered at lincoln (all standing) Posted by Hello

and in 04, God brought sisters. lincoln and easter camp. Posted by Hello

i wonder what will 05 be. it's coming.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

a quote...

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as you can.
—John Wesley

Saturday, April 02, 2005

delayed easter...

here was something that i got on tuesday.

its a bit delayed. but it really hit me.

"How much do you love me" I asked JESUS,
and JESUS said, "This much..." Then he stretched out his arms and died.

Mt 20:28 - .....just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many."

chop chop chop!

that is saturday. today i feel much better. can smile. thankfully i've finished my work for the week in advance. its worth it. now i can relax for the day. and go chop chop chop at edwardstown baptist church.

it was preparation of the food that is to be sold for a sunday lunch. it is fundraising for easter camp. it is amazing to see the spirit that is there. yes, it is tiring lots of work. but, it is just wonderful to be with OCFers. and there we sit down around and talk and share with each other. these are the precious moments that makes it great. it felt like a pre-easter camp.

we have now produced professional garlic choppers, professional garlic peelers, chicken choppers, celery cutters, carrot cubers, onion choppers, spring rollers, chicken stirrers, and a lot more. can we put it in our resumes? and i have seen enough of those ingredients. enough!

there were the mishaps with mr poh covered with coconut milk. and the onions. oh my goodness. nik is the hero man. he was cutting onions and he held on. daniel and i were just next to him cutting carrots and waterfall is already coming down.