Monday, April 18, 2005

father in adelaide...

hmm... that probably also explains why i haven't been posting cause i got to be quick and so, does not leave much time to think and reflect.

my father came on saturday morning. so far, so good. he's been settling in well. and i'm treating him much better compared to when my mother came with me in my first year. yeah... i was just very grumpy and a little bit ungrateful. so at least, i try to make it up and making my father feel the best. and for the first few times... i'm planning a week of trips and scheduling. not bad for me, who don't really like to plan at all and also not that good in it.

so it has been, saturday to kowloon. sunday to church, china town, fasta pasta (was suppose to be AB). monday, lyndoch for lunch, barossa valley and handorf for dinner. the drive was 150km in total. i have a problem keeping my eyes open now. they're pretty tired.

so night time, its for uni work. and for now, the quick post. get the advice and father-son time. future. economy. working environment. things that causes one to get fired. being a professional. professional certificates. ministry. music. music ministry. styles of teaching bible study. family. mother. sister. didn't ask about girls though. so, phew! i guess, much is that i got to get focused and be choleric as much as i don't like it. :)

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