Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Lord, You are right.
the realisation comes and the conviction of the Spirit.

Everything into Your hands.
my fears.
my insecurities. especially that.
my plans.
my hopes.
silently, i feel insecure and no confidence at times, in certain areas. of the future, of myself, of relationships, of learning, of character, of focus.

i'm sorry for lacking in faith in these areas.
help me to see more of You.
help me to think clearly with patience. of not rushing things. of not wanting things my way but Yours. cause things get worse with my doings. and spoils the relationship.
grant me wisdom.

this is my humble prayer. in Jesus' Name.

just as the song 'with all i am' goes. it IS all about living for an audience of One.

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anonymous said...

i read it and i thought it was myself talking. thank you for blogging that. theres some comfort in knowing that other people are going through the exact same thing.

keep loving and trusting Him with all you are.