Saturday, January 09, 2010

and it is time...

in 3 hours time i will be leaving for the airport. i have to try and get some sleep. i had trouble sleeping for the past 2 nights due to anxiety. the real thing is coming now. the enormity of it all seems daunting. 2 months and going in alone. things like, is the prayer that i ask of really going to work and protect me? is it possible to manage alone? fear, uncertainty, anxiety.

but with the many encouragements and prayers, i must continue to walk in faith and know that these prayers are moving around me.

i am really thankful for the support and it means a lot to me.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

coming soon...

getting scared...

Monday, January 04, 2010

a step of faith... missions...

i have stopped my work because i will be in sarawak for 2 months (Jan 9th till Mar 2nd). it was time to move on from my job and i thought why not use this little break to go for missions when i still can. besides, what is 2 months compared to 30 years of working in the future?

it is for missions and helping to improve lives. it was a tough decision and it is an act of faith because there is no job waiting when i return and that, i have to leave it to God. it was not just an instant emotional heart pulling decision. the intention and move was dwelt upon for 1 year and by september 09, i decided. it was scary at first, and i did 'chicken out'. and then after 3 more weeks of extra prayer and R&D, i decided. i calculated the costs and its not just monetary only.

many people ask me why do this? when i was in uni, i was taught that at least once in your working life, take the time to go for missions. this is because it is in missions that our eyes are opened and see how God has been blessing us in our current places and also realign our focus and life journey again. i may go there to teach or train or give, but its usually they, in their lives, teaching and giving back to me more.

of course it doesn't have to be as long as 1 or 2 months. it is not easy to commit 1-2 months. there are mission trips that are 1 week. (FYI: short-term missions = 1 year).

i will be going in alone and most importantly, will need your prayers. a missionary is only the physical face of the mission field but behind every missionary is a team of prayer warriors praying and interceding for the missionary in the field. it is an act of calling out to God for His protection and His grace in a place where anything can happen. there is no line for communication except through a satellite phone. which is what makes this post more important.

due to information security reasons, i cannot explain with more details on the public domain. but for further details, do drop me an email or a call and i'll gladly share.