Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 year anniversary...

by looking at the title, some must be wondering, what anniversary? relationship anniversary?

well, its been 3 years already since i left Adelaide. 3 years already back in Malaysia. lots of q's come in the effort of reflection. have i fully adapted yet? have i gotten worse? good habits? picked up bad habits? how is my focus? where am i? etc... lots of comparisons for before and afters. i believe i have improved in some areas and also let some old areas catch up on me.
just a bit unfortunate that i can't think on it much cause packed at the moment.

i did think though, how to sum it up?
God is faithful.
though i am struggling a bit at the moment, nevertheless, to look at it all, God is faithful.

i REALLY thank God for the people that He has put around me. surely God let our paths cross for a reason, or Many reasons. i just learn so much from your lives; what to follow... and also what not to follow but learn from. i believe each other's presence, is like a sign, telling me that there is still hope and let's persevere on in faith.

what happens from this milestone onwards? i have no idea. plans? of course there are plans. let's see how life progresses.

Monday, August 10, 2009

neck ache...

its all coming back to me now...
no song, but real aches. neck ache. very bad. this is not good. i think my body can't rest and is too tense. that usually happens with stress and too much to do. i did manage to cool and calm down but perhaps that is a mini percentage compared to the rest of the the tense moments.

God please heal me and take the pain away.
working in pain the whole day today and still in pain.
cannot afford to take leave cause of the work.

my new perfume is salonpas and yoko yoko.

i hope it gets better tomorrow (tues). please pray for me. going to China next week and definitely not prepared fully yet.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

SSS comm meeting...

veronica did a great job chairing the meeting. looking at the comm, it is definitely new and it has good space to grow. was glad jon, shearn and carol was there to give their different experiences and advice.

through the years, lots of knowledge, skills and experience were lost due to poor training, poor hand-me-down knowledge and circumstances as well.

being fortunately exposed or usually in many types of 'glorious' times where you see such good fruit grow and huge harvests, one can easily forget about the tough times that had to be persevered through. starting from scratch and building upwards.

went through the roles of each comm member and also the vision. it would be demotivating to see how far SSS is from each mini vision. but that's how the cycle is. it is nearly a clean slate, so what do you paint on it?

i want to see them grow. i want them to have the help and training that i did not have last time.

one of the areas they want to concentrate on was fellowship. a good start.
shearn mentioned a saying. i think its originally his.
'when you someone alone at a corner, it doesn't mean he's having fun alone.'

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

God is faithful again and again...

knowing what was ahead was scary. afraid that i am unable to prepare or finish the things i have to do properly.

i'm grateful for the prayers and support given to me from those that i know, and those that i don't. thank you. last week, even though it was just the first 3 days, but i know God brought me through it. everything went well... except one thing.

unfortunately, by Friday, my body was breaking down. by the night, i was having backache, neckache, bad headache, my stomach was releasing everything, had difficulty breathing. it was terrible. i regret it.
made sure i had 8 hours sleep for the rest of the coming nights. am feeling much better now.

but seeing how problems and changes arise at work again, that little ripple causes waves of damages because i (and my other colleagues) have to re-do our work again. seeing time and energy wasted is quite demotivating and draining. late nights continue. i thought i'd have extra time to do the other stuff that i need to do. but nope.

looking at it, its like the same type of week, repeating itself. now, did i learn anything from the past week?