Sunday, December 06, 2009

working in faith...

attended chang hong and elaine's wedding and wedding dinner today. it was a wonderful and joyous occasion. came back, shower and cool down and back to preparation for tomorrow's MYF training. this time round on teamwork and leadership & vision.

i have people asking me about the state of MYF. i have to be frank to say that i don't know but there is lots to do. we cannot quantify results by the numbers that we have, and neither can we be complacent and be happy about the numbers and sit back in the comfort zone.

lots of people have been putting in the effort and trying to help. you know who you are. truly to be in a position i am in, it is pushing me further than i imagined. i put in lots of thought before and am putting in even more for MYF. i'm tired but remembering how other's have poured their time and life into me gives me strength to go on. i will pour in as well.

God, please help me. grant me wisdom to lead your sheep. these are Your people. what are you trying to teach me?

it is a work of faith. i will probably never see the fruits of it. it is all work done in faith for the future. i push and God moves. i may not know what to do but i will give it everything i got. i'm pouring everything that i've learnt to pass on to them. of course it is impossible to do it all in 2 sundays but at least there's a start.

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