Monday, July 26, 2010

one of those weeks...

this weeks is an interesting week.

had food poisoning last sat night. and the next day (sunday) was one of those sundays that i cannot miss because i'm playing for SSS and also service. but praise God that i had no toilet emergencies while at church.

my parents came back on last saturday night and was with them on monday running errands and all. was already tired but hey, they're not back for long so just make use of whatever time possible. it wasn't so smart though. towards the end, i was getting grumpy and snapped at my mother. *guilty*

my body was totally drained but still made it to work on tuesday. and rest of the week days stretched my body and i didn't have time to recover. and that wasn't smart at all. the result? neckache and backache. constant pain cause the problematic areas start to come back though energy levels grew better. and headaches too... not sure whether it was because of dehydration.

handled the work load pretty ok. was halfway working on friday when i thought, let me check who is teaching SSS this sunday. maybe the person needs help. and it was me!
the irony of it all. well, i had something to laugh about in the end. haha... (and i'm still laughing about it). and i know i couldn't have prepared it meaningfully but i know God guided me. for all of it. the opening icebreaker with a lesson, the teaching and an example of selfless giving in relationships.

how would i rate the week? its good though with the pain. God moved in the lives of the youths and i'm amazed again as always.

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