Saturday, July 14, 2012

second mother...

celebrated my maid's birthday on friday night. went to a korean bbq place. my sister also made it a point. if some were wondering, she is no ordinary maid. she has been with us for 22 years and is like a second mother to us. she would have watched us grow up from kids to primary school to secondary school to college to uni to working.

trust is built through time. glad she also comes to church with us and serves in church. always nice to hear stories of her village and of her family and stories about her growing up.

so we may ask, does a maid have less position in status or God's work? i just have to say that in as much as i am not home much now due to ministry (and i do feel bad about it), it is because of her that i am able to be more effective in ministry as well. it is because of her support, care and trust that i have less things to worry about.

appreciate my second mother.

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