Sunday, July 15, 2012

a cycle in MBS chapel...

it was agm for MBS chapel just recently on friday. got a little surprise that so many came. it is encouraging. we see a blend of the seniors and the new ones. the interviews were held earlier and the teacher advisor and president had already prayed and discussed over the posts. the posts were shown and there was a time of sharing from the seniors on what they have learned.

it is a cycle. students will come and go. this time round, the amount of people leaving would be significant. praise God that we are able to see how the group have grown together. they have grown and served God faithfully. they have made mistakes but also learned and improved on their mistakes.

different presidents brought about certain improvements. from their own characters and also strengths. the previous president brought her dynamic and proactive-ness into chapel and thought of a good system that encourages balanced teams and good worship sessions for both junior and senior sides. the current president (now ex) brought his wisdom and caring approach to ensure that no one is over burdened or over committed in both CF and chapel committees.

we're not looking for perfect people to serve God now. we're looking for growth, to see what you are now and what you are when you leave MBS. we're not concerned on how you start. we're concerned on how you finish.

the current state of the chapel ministry is good because of the current committee and God's guidance. the seniors have worked hard in getting things going well now. there is a need now for the seniors to be teaching the new ones and mentoring them properly. for the future. the chapel ministry will continue to be in a good (or even better) state because the seniors have planted and prepared and worked for it. they contributed to the future. it is building blocks. not starting from scratch whenever there is someone new.

the ministry of chapel is "planting seeds"; within the committee and externally to all the students who attends chapel service. two words for them to always remember. jon added 2 more; "trust God."

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