Monday, July 18, 2005

so it comes...

just as last year a dear brother goes, now another will go too. and soon another.
but that's how it is. the reality of life and what OCF is. that is the circle that every OCFer will go through. 'Reach Out, Build Up and Send Home'.
we see a race being finished here for Richard. but another will begin in singapore.

it has been an honour to be serving with you for the same 2 years. the ups and downs, the joys and sorrrows, how OCF has come to what it is now.

different callings will bring each of us to different paths.
we may never see each other again. only time and situations will tell.

however spreaded we may be, remember to cling on to the hope we profess, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

don't say goodbye, it's not the end.

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