Saturday, July 23, 2005

prayer for E-nite

yes. have been busy. running errands. OCF. seriously tired. and what a way to start uni. i know i will most probably be typing the common, 'uni is starting next week and bla bla bla....' and you all know the rest.

anyway, an evangelistic night is coming up for OCF. it is a night where we have an activity (usually a barn dance or ballroom dancing session) and then the sharing of the Gospel. this year, it is going to be a musical. the last time we did such a thing was in 2000.

i don't know about other people, but i sincerely hope that just because there is a musical for E-nite, it does not become a big and glamourous 'event' and the 'most happening' thing to be in.
if next year's E-nite was ballroom dancing, will the OCFers still be as enthusiastic about E-nite? being involved and actively bringing their friends?

street-evangelism (uni) is coming up. will the same enthusiasm be there?
how can we say, "no, it is different. i am scared to do it" when it is the same? evangelism.

amidst the preparation and work needed to be done, it is PRAYER that is needed the most. PRAYER. PRAYER. PRAYER. PRAYER.
that God's will be done through E-nite.
that God will move during E-nite.
that God will touch lives during E-nite.
that God's hand is on E-nite.
that God will be pleased with our hearts about E-nite.

big events require bigger prayers.
big 'moving' requires bigger prayers.

i know i'm not one to judge. i am also guilty. for those who know me well, they know i'd rather sit down and just enjoy myself. lazy to mix around. if i had a choice, i'd pick what i said earlier.
but i have to learn, to love others. i force myself at times.
i remember in my early days, how joanne teach me to pray, asking "Lord, teach me how to love others more." and really understand what it means.

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Anonymous said...

i agree to pray tat e-nite isnt just another "in" thing to be in or involve in but an ongoing passion for Him and his Good News....