Tuesday, August 21, 2007


august 13th just passed. it is already one year since i left. i do remember that date very well. i remember they who have left adelaide and also those who are still there.

but have been busy. this weekend is my church musical. Joseph the Dreamer. the 110th anniversary church musical. 25th and 26th august. i'll be acting as Judah. get to throw Joseph into the cistern. haha. but its a busy and tiring week.

little time to sit down and think. so not so good on that side. having a rushing life. so in terms of priority, blogging also goes quite at the bottom. it'll be a while before i start posting properly again.

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Flo Flo said...

it's alright. Even a short sentence like "I'm STILL Alive!" is valid as a blog entry.

Whoa, JUDAS...any chance we can get a copy of the recording? Would love to see you acting "evil". :D All the best.

May God's hands be upon each and every aspect of the event and performance. :)