Sunday, May 15, 2005

c meet...

saturday morning was a great morning.

it was held in a nice house and with breakfast!
amidst the importance of the meeting, it went well. kickstarting with devotion and going through stuff. i am seeing lots of changes and like a whole new era coming. i am seeing God's hands coming upon OCF. wondrous things will happen, and with wondrous things happening, so will more of the other side of it happen as well.

we had a time of fellowship later except for those who went for church camp. it was wonderful and great. looking through wedding photos and just hearing of the inside stories first hand and learning a lot. but that will be somewhere far in the future. may God continue to bless them both.

i don't know how to explain it but its times like these that are just wonderful where we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. just sitting down and laughing and disturbing each other. imagine us in the future looking at pictures of us now in black and white. those type of feelings.

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