Saturday, May 07, 2005

a week and BS...

it's been a wonderful week.

i got to enjoy the simplicities of life and really feel God's presence in my life. been at the CAT suite till late with chok, doing work and all. and after returning home, having to get back at my housemates for some stuff and teasing. oh well...

i led bible study yesterday in my group for OCF. and i totally didn't expect anything. usually its silence and lots of awkwardness and yeah.... the controversy. but i just prayed to God. i have only myself to offer and i'll just do my best to lead by the Spirit. and it was really marvellous and wonderful. and it is all God. i spoke and led, and there was discussion, it was lively, everyone was supporting each other, helping each other. i'm sure everyone had learnt that day. i felt God through me. God using me. i just smile.

this morning, we had the auditions for the e-nite musical. check out the enthusiasm and commitment. it was fun. people were supportive and encouraging each other. i was at the music side, given the task to evaluate. we have many wonderful singers and styles. argh... i wanted to see the acting side. but its ok. hopefully everyone had enjoyed themselves.

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