Wednesday, May 11, 2005


had pretty funny nights lately.

i could sleep, but then the dreams are like follow-up'ping from the thoughts and thinking that i had before my sleep. and what more it was about people in real life. quite disturbing, as in stressful and dramatic. and when i woke up, did i actually did that or said that? uh oh... i'm not sure. after a few minutes of recollection, ok.... i was really dreaming.

but having heard of problems, from one of my classmates back home, it does make me sad having seen wounds that aren't healed or the scars that are left behind. cause i know how it feels as well.
i had had nights, that i kept awake because of the past. Lord, forgive me. and heal me. the dirtiness and guilt remains. oh, how much we need God's forgiveness. as much as i have said 'sorry', nothing changes the fact that it had happened. but that is our youth. we are to learn from it. move forward cause God has forgiven us and still loves us. that's God's grace.

with a brighter smile, i got to continue my work. need a nap and work.

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