Saturday, May 28, 2005


late for practise.
by 10 minutes.
practise went well.

was happy. talked and being with the people that i love.
prayed for worship. commit it into God's hands.

the worship went well. God's hands was really upon it. God's presence was really there. and working with the worship leader and the team of musicians... it gives meaning in my heart. (kind of hard to explain it)

and Pastor Tim preached a wonderful message. about confidence. differentiating confidence from opinions and personality.
confidence comes from the word 'confide'. (revelation) and who or what do we confide in? who are we suppose to confide in? who is the best to confide in, that will never fail you or disappoint you?
we should confide in God. it brings out the meaning of confidence even more.

we had a time of ministry. i prayed for God to guide my hands before playing 'You rescued me'. and Pastor Tim continued to minister after that.
and what i went through was... was... was something i'll never forget.
i was already having a bad headache due to tiredness during the speaker session. but i went up to play. and Pastor Tim ministered and prayed. and encouraged OCFers to pray for each other.

i played 'You rescued me', 'Jesus loves me this i know' and a few more. but the headache and tiredness came. i just prayed, 'God, all this playing is not mine. guide my hands and mind for You to speak to others through me.' and the songs that came out after that, were just songs that i had held close to my heart in comfort through the stretching week that i had.
Be still my soul, Take me deeper, There is no mountain too big, You Alone (You are the peace), Give thanks and more.
i played for 1 hour and 20 minutes non stop. NONE of it is mine. it was GOD. thank you Ben and Alan for sitting next to me, to accompany and spur me on to continue playing for the praying OCFers.

i went home. tired. brain flushed.
but amazed at God's hands. touched by God.

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adriandotcom said...

that's quite an experience eh? keep the faith buddy!