Monday, May 23, 2005

it was not the end...

alright, a little celebration in hungry jacks. no problem...
then saw 2 of them sitting at the economics building waiting, my eyes and brain were all ready to tease them.
was about to ask where chok was when... ouch!
aiyoh, chok. why you hit me on the head?
(eh? why is my head wet? richard? oh nooooooo!!!!! )

there goes me getting wet. avoided one or two water balloons but man.
argh!!!! caught at my own weakness. was all out to tease already.
very smart.
and one down my jacket and the back of my shirt. now that is cold.

went to CAT suite back again. to celebrate. sang happy birthday. and so did the surrounding people in the computer labs. hee hee.
thank you, thank you.

the cake was good and tasted good. :) and arthur poured more water on me while taking the candle out of the cake. and then the not-so-nice and shocking telephone calling starts. sigh... oh well... all my naughtiness repaid in one day. :)

thank you, danny, arthur, handy, shelley, richard, chok, alan, jia ching. and for they who were not there, (i'm sure you'd enjoy throwing water balloons at me), i remember you all too.

oh yes, it is. many times surprised and shocked.

my wishes?
that God will bless your(to everyone) life.

my prayer?
for OCFers and students, for the preparation weeks are now.
let's be diligent and ever more walking with God and in prayer for each other.

the end........ i hope. haha...


BlurChu? said...

hey, William!

haven't visited this blog in awhile! and HAPPY BLESSED BELATED 21st BIRTHDAY! you're a year older, and hopefully a year wiser, smarter, more handsome and more spiritual!

looks like you also arranged your links in alphabetical order! cool!


gilliangel said...

sorry i cldnt be there! I wld've liked to!

blessed 21st!