Sunday, May 01, 2005

He is here...

felt tired and the drag of my body. most probably because of exhaustion from saturday and the night's farewell dinner. stayed on later for coffee. which is expensive. so waking up this morning, had a little bit of problem.

but right after church was sleep. and a long sleep it was. 3 hours. at least i was rested. cooked dinner with my housemates. it was good. and later i had an urge to just go to daniel's house and just spend time with him. listened to a rough draft of the song he wrote.

spent the night teaching him how to write while writing more of the song with him and developing it's character and flow. it was fruitful. but we need some other listeners. we tried recording it on a recorder. it wasn't that good. much to our amusement, we need better singers though. hahaha... we at least have a rough copy of it. it was fun and hopefully an experience for daniel. 'He is here.'

brought my external hard disk over to share some songs with him. and also showed him lots of pictures of the times that i had of OCFers, lincoln college and many other events. also showed him the elder brothers and sisters that had guided me since i came. i hope i could do the same for others and him too.

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