Tuesday, May 10, 2005


having had that week, i had my own confusions as well.
had talked with many people. had the jokes, and the serious stuff as well.

talking with eng poh and addielle, learnt and also had confusion. much prayer is needed for guidance, wisdom, time and signs. sigh, Lord...

talking with john, seeing a younger person, and with very much similar characteristics and personality to me, i see the things he face, just reminds me of when i first came. not saying that i'm super good and grown up now, but through time, God showed me more and more. to see how the things of the past 2 years had been important in many ways. painful as it is, it serves its purpose. i don't know all, but through time, it will be shown.

talking with friends online. the sharing and teasing, happiness and sadness. a senior from school. an ex-classmate. OCFers.