Sunday, May 22, 2005


attended a friend's baptism today.

it was wonderful. since i met him, he has grown so much walking with God and is a buddy by my side. he got baptised today and it is his 21st birthday as well.

and attending the brethren church, they are quite cool. different from what i have experienced back home. very 'family' and bonded. the songs they sang, i have never heard half of it before. hearing the melody, they are definitely older songs but the words are so meaningful.

the sermon was about Walking on Water. about Jesus and Peter. and what it means to have faith. walking on water in faith, with the 'winds' blowing, Jesus is not away from the 'wind'. He is standing there IN the 'wind' with you.
an encouragement indeed for us students in preparation of our 4 weeks before final exams.

may God continue to grow you, !xobile, to be a man of faith and guide you wherever you go in the future.

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