Sunday, May 22, 2005


gifts on saturday from chok, shelley and handy. though i forgotten and left it at G's house. aiyah... sorry leh...

lunch in the old food court.
OCFers: happy birthday to ... aida and me!
no, jannsen. thank you but i don't need your kiss. haha...

family friend's house.
happy birthday to me. delicious mudcake. wonderful being able to just talk with them again. seeing and searching for their advice and wisdom.
may God bless their family and their hearts.

arthur came back home and rushed in to my room to scare me. he went on his knees with his arms open wide. in shock, i was like, 'huh? were you trying to scare me, but you fell instead?' he really did trip and fell. hahahahahaha... we just broke up laughing and laughing and laughing. how embarressing... good effort...hahahaha...

birthday was in the countdown.

art: c, why you not wearing pants?
wk: what the?
(they switched of my room light)
(i holding my pants)
cart came in with the cake.
wk: *very funny*
art, cart, dan: happy birthday to you....

cool housemates. and the cake, was an apricot pie and it looked really really delicious. and it was the waliauleh... most sour pie i have ever eaten. the top looks so nice with the criss-crosses of the dough with sugar on top. but after the first bite, wooooo, see our faces change man. we were all laughing. what in the world? so so so sour. seriously, bashing didn't seem so bad after the first bite. but we just fight on and finish the slice that we had. hahaha. giving me some stomach discomforts at the moment.

past 12, the MSN messages came in. from kenneth, violet, deb(hob), sing yew, wai kong, aaron. missed chok's call earlier.

then from lincoln, elaine called and together with celine and john, a happy birthday over the phone. :) talked with audrey later on icq. yu ting was at her placement.

and it has only just begun.

thank you God for the friends that You have put in my life. BLESS them in their lives, in all that they do.

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