Sunday, August 21, 2005

5 a.m.

well, thank arthur and danny who were studying till 5 a.m. on friday 'early' morning. so they could still send me to RAH emergency. my right arm pit was swelling. that's where the lymph nodes are. that got me even more worried.

seeing the doctor, she couldn't do much cause i did not know what bit me. after a second doctor came to check my hand, they decided to I.V antibiotics into me and send me home with some penicillin. still couldn't sleep with the itchiness.

by friday night, i couldn't see my 3rd knuckle. that was bad. and with the constant itchiness and pain, i was pretty much in a bad mood plus not having sleep. but being able to praise God and just getting to talk with others, it certainly lightens the heart.

am kind of thankful for having the itchy swollen hand. it serves as a reminder to look unto God all the time. reminded me of Paul's thorn by his side. been sleeping while hugging the cold bottle of coke to numb my hand to waking up every 20 minutes to put my hand under the cold water from the tap just to stop the itchiness for a while.

today, sunday, my hand is so much better already. i can now see my 4th knuckle and some veins. yay! thank you for your prayers and at least i can sleep peacefully now. :) rehearsals went well. i'm not sure what it fully looks like but hopefully all improvements can be made. and also the clarity of the speaking and singing is a little bit worrying.

street-e is tomorrow. pray for all the OCFers who are going out that they would be filled with the Spirit and be courageous as well as protected.


Jenn said...

Did u manage to find out the reason for the swelling in the end?

w.kwong said...

no man... i couldn't find out the reason why. most probable is an allergic reaction to some insect bites. if it was a spider, then i'm thankful that i didn't break into a fever or anything..