Friday, June 13, 2008


wow! its only 5 days since my exam. felt like a month has passed. perhaps i haven't been doing anything for so long, and suddenly in 5 days i'm doing so much, makes it feel like a long time has passed.
on sunday itself after exam, went and watch Kung Fu Panda and played bowling. Kung Fu Panda ranks equal humour to Madagascar. and Madagascar 2 is coming out soon.

after 2 weeks of not working, re-adapting back was a bit tough. got really blur on monday. and i was still tired, more to strained from the exam period. after 5 days, i think i'm still not rested properly. more to because i have the admin stuff to do after putting it off for 2 weeks, and i have to admit, using my new found time to the fullest.

i would rank this week's work performance as one of my worst. i wasn't happy at myself. i still manage to put in the required work but i don't think i did it in good spirits. it was a struggle and that's not a good worker. plus i was sleepy. perhaps too use to the naps. got to break out of the habit and regain back my work routine. i remember getting to conquer the afternoon sleepiness and now, unfortunately, it's back. will increase the efforts.

attended small group today and its wonderful to be with them again. talking about the album for fund raising, to the discussion of the grey areas of life, to laughing at the expense of one another.

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