Tuesday, June 03, 2008

day 9...

well, after some really bad mood spells, i manage to catch up on syllabus on day 8 (yesterday). completed filling in the details for my brain. the new problem is remembering.

started doing questions today, and man, its really really slow. and i can't remember anything. the syllabus is so wide. got to keep trying. i'd think this is normal and the skill is to get the 'doing' up to speed for exam. practise the output.

no one likes getting pressed. really pushing me to some limits and taking quite a lot out of me. as much as i'd complained, yeah... that wasn't a good example. got to be more positive. got to try harder to look to God.
a point of view did struck me about about having to look at this taking-prof-cert stuff in a different way now. it is a learning and thinking skill. how does this tech knowledge relate to the world. i am giving a try at CFA. no more just about getting good results and all, though it may seem to be and a good feel to have.

what do i get coming out of this event/process/experience? i dunno... i'll see when i have the post-mortem hindsight of the past.

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