Sunday, June 08, 2008

getting back to normal life...

well... it's done. i hope it's well done. it was easier. that's because i was comparing to the mock exams that my classes gave which were tougher. very. well, we can say it may have drove us to work harder, but hey, it was pretty depressing too knowing that you still cannot do a mock exam (a MOCK exam) 5 days before the real thing. how stressful is that? [same independent opinions from the rest of my classmates] ah well... what's done is done. you can't transform a well-done meat back to its raw form. i can say, that i am not guilty of not trying hard enough.

the chapter of 'studying while working', its not the end yet. but one thing is that i've learned a lot.

it humbles me back again to know, its tough. there are good habits and abilities that i've lost. old weaknesses that i've got to put a bridle on and not let it control me. on fri and sat, the stress levels got pretty bad that i had to just sit down and blank out about for half hour. i have to say i suddenly feel very free now. one thing for sure that i know is that at the point i thought i couldn't go any further, i just keep tell myself, God is still there. He is always there... and i thought, just keep on trying.

now, after 2 weeks of leave, i got to get back to working. i hope i still remember how to work. haha... well, got to get back to normal life now. readapt back.

i must thank you all for the encouragement and prayers that i've been getting. i know that i don't know everyone who prayed (or the amount of people). the encouragement definitely came as surprises and thankfulness, knowing that i have wonderful people that God placed around me.

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