Sunday, June 29, 2008

grief counselling...

yes. grief. as in mourning.

i attended a course by the church on saturday (yesterday). and as always i have my friends who are wondering, am i in grief? no, i'm not. and as expected, me and another guy were the youngest there. i'd say 3 young people. the rest were old. beyond 50s. most were attending because they had been through grieving times and are wanting to be trained as counsellors. i, on the other hand, just want to learn more so that i can help more. also to make sure i don't say the wrong things lah.

some of the topics that are covered that i remember off the top of my head, identifying the types of grieving, the process of grieving, healthy and unhealthy symptoms, the myths, what to do and what not to do, how to help in healing and there was a discussion about improving the griving ministry in church.

i definitely learn a lot. i think it was info overload. throughout the seminar, the adults shared their own testimony from time to time. i have to say it was depressing. but a good depressing cause it was my heart feeling their hurts and understanding their hurts that are continuing on.

Loss is the main word for the cause of grief. it can range from losing your wallet, to losing your gf/bf, to losing your spouse/family. griving makes everyone equal. and there's no one size fits all type of help. everyone is different.
the normal or the best/fastest time to heal? 3-4 years.
shocking, eh? but yups... that's what the pastor says. yeah.. he specializes in counselling. his insights were very deep. definitely blew me away. a very new thinking process.

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