Thursday, June 26, 2008

the 2 things...

got myself a 160GB external harddrive at a very good price of RM190. thanks to my friend. more of preparing some portable gear for a potential recording project. trying to work hard at it for fundraising. well, i'm happy... but yet again, it seems to be getting further due to higher priorities coming in. been researching lots on the best ways and the time estimated to really make a good one seems to be getting longer and longer. well, don't care. i'm going to find out what it takes.

people seem to think i'm very free after exam. yeah right... i had to put off a lot of things and i guess now, resume. finished up the usual round of admin stuff. and trying to see where in church needs help. the CFA period taught me a lot about time. i realise now that i really got to zero in on what i am made for. the strengths and weaknesses. which part of the body of Christ am i in?

now, when people say busy, i'm like, how busy can you be? of course, there are the really genuinely busy.
people ask me how am i busy? well, passion for music and encouraging people. i guess it is in my DNA to be an encourager, counsellor. molded through my upbringing and surroundings, it seems God guides me through this path more and more. evidence? well, people asking for help piles on me more and more.

what do i have? nothing much. just some wisdom(whatever little amount that is), some lame jokes, and a listening ear. not that i'm taking it lightly, but the 3 mentioned amounts to guidance, little bit of laughs/cheering up and being there.
i don't claim to be the best nor am i saying that i'm good at it. its God's gift. i do what i can. it was through time before i realised it. brought up with Christian principles plus a lot of punishment, hurt and hardship taught me the value of integrity and the value of not budging. maintaining secrecy is a top priority. well, whatever goes in me, doesn't come out.
have you ever wondered, do you know how many hurting people are out there? its all hidden underneath the mask.

i have always loved shows about the butterfly effect of life. God placed everyone on earth for a purpose. every single action of yours counts. and that means a smile as well. your one smile, your one 'how are you?', your one prayer, your one sms, your one personal email (and not those lousy senseless forwarding). that one item counts. some people do it for networking for their own possible future personal gain. some do it because they care. because Jesus has loved us first. so we shall love one another.
- John 13:34-35 -

a very weird start for a post that suddenly leads to encouragement, right?
nooo... it is from there that a want and vision for music that ministers to people grew. songs that will lift peoples hearts. songs that grant comfort, brings joy. songs that have a purpose. well, let's see how these 2 things go on through my life. i'm still puzzled and confused at where i am and where i'm going.

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