Wednesday, June 04, 2008

day 10...

doing exercises. why the questions seem so hard? hmm... and got stuff that appears that i've never seen before. haha... takes a while to be out-putting knowledge smoothly.

the days are counting down, and as pressure seems to mount, i know above all else that i need to stay calm and not let emotions run me over. got to look to God. got to place discipline, maturity and wisdom as the foundation. the final outcome of it all will only be decided after 5pm on sunday. that is the 'times up' of the 2nd paper.

i was thinking this 'pushing' experience would have good in it. i got to let God show me. i kind of saw some light-hearted things. you know when we are students, we wish we don't have the perils of studying and exams anymore and are working. and when we are working already, we wish we were students back again?
well, well... looky here... i have both. i am studying while working. so does that mean, i'm having a double-good or a double-bad? hahaha... try and solve that...

wishing it will just be monday now, and that the paper has been sat through and with good colours.. yeah right... all my wishful thinking.
i guess God knows that it wouldn't be good for me.
Perseverance has to finish its course so that i will be complete, not lacking in anything.

alright... focus on...

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