Sunday, June 15, 2008

of missing church...

i've been missing church for 5 sundays in a row. maybe more. cause mock exams are 9-5pm before the real thing which unfortunately is on a sunday too. i try to keep accountable to it and always have a spiritual check constantly to make sure that, this is just a 'for-now' thing and not permanent.

i remember how in uni, it is just black and white and just avoid those sort of things like not attending church and all. well, easy to say and when everything can't be more than 15 minutes drive away. now its a lot of grey areas coming up. some will have the view point, die die got to go to a church service, and some would say, its okay for now.

i would say, please make sure you know what you are doing. take care of yourself. and when others open their mouths in concern, be glad they care for you.
one thing for sure is, have a sabbath. whatever the day, have a sabbath. be with the people of God. with the followers of Christ. it usually is a sat or sun for the marketplace people.

some will say, got to work nonstop. some may have no choice. it is then, we should care for them more and hope that they'll eventually be able to rest. some say its ok wan... won't affect me. yeah right... your faith is going to be gone soon. and not only that, i believe this is one of those things where you'll only know and see the effects in 50 years time of your life. probably sooner, looking at the lifestyle of people now.

there's also the part of the church-goers. what do you do at church? there are those alive, and not alive. those alive, are not the louder churches, but the churches that say hello to you. i have to say i have my guilty moments. i am shy. serious. i always have to force myself. i regret the moments where i could have done better. well, i try harder the next time.

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