Wednesday, February 08, 2006

study days...

been pretty productive going through the materials for my summer course. but the questions were pretty general in the final exam which gives me many blocks and uncertainty in how the lecturer wants it to be answered.
it gives a case study where there is a problem and you got to tell what went wrong, what could have prevented it and what should you do.

not a business man yet or built up any business acumen isn't going to help answering such questions that requires experience. answering using common sense? i don't think that's what the lecturers want.

anyway, been reading the bible more frequently now. just lost some times of reading the bible. put it aside and just live on what i know or remember or can live day to day. so thoughts just didn't come. lesser reliance on God.

started on with proverbs and random bits. reminded of God's grace and the power of prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, confession and repentance, forgiveness and grace, passion and desire for God's goodness.

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