Monday, February 20, 2006

Michelangeloid face?

its from the 'Case for Faith' by Lee Strobel, in the Conclusion: The power of Faith between the lines are explained parts from the book.

flowing from discussing about how people respond to God, Willard, the expert, said that the issue is about what we want. Its the person that wants to know God that God reveals Himself to. and if a person doesn't want to know God, well - God had created a world and the human mind in such a way that he doesn't have to.

the expert dug through a stack of papers on his desk, withdrawing a single sheet. "this is the handout i gave to the students in my class," he said.

'Next Tuesday morning, just after breakfast, all of us in this one world will be knocked to our knees by a percussive and ear-shattering thunderclap. Snow swirls, leaves drom from trees, the earthe heaves and buckles, buildings topple and towers tumble.

The sky is ablaze with an eerie silvery light, and just then, as all the people of this world look up, the heavens open, and the clouds pull apart, revealing an unbelievably radiant and immense Zeus-like figure towering over us like a hundred Everests.

He frowns darkly as lighting plays over the features of his Michelangelod face, and then he points down, at me, and explains for every man, woman and child to hear, "I've had quite enough of your too-clever logic chopping and word-watching in matters of theology. Be assured, Hanson, that i most certainly do exist!" '

i marvel at the language. love the drama-drama stuff. but that's not the point.
anyway, so how do you think Hanson will respond?

fall on his knees and believe? or will he explain it away that it was hallucinations or some special movie effects? or just that he didn't see it and not enough proof? or will he find some other excuse or questions that there is still suffering in the world so God does not exist?

think about it...

even though God shows Himself, might it be that pride got in the way of believing? that the person was too smart? Let the little old ladies be fooled that there is a God, but not you.

so, it is the person's choice to believe or not. why blame God for not revealing Himself when He does show signs?

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